Joyner Lucas ft. Logic - ISIS (ADHD)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 23, 2019
  • Written and Distributed on Tully: Lucas Songwriting Event + Meet & Greet: ADHD Merch:
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  • Leo Lungu

    Leo Lungu

     2 months ago +443

    Holy shit didn't expect this!!!
    My respect Joyner and Logic

  • Nether YT

    Nether YT

     7 days ago +561

    Camera man: Ok Logic you can be a member of ISIS Or The Army

  • Dankboi


     14 days ago +759

    ** At Area 51 **
    * Play this song *
    Nervous Sweating

  • The Absurd

    The Absurd

     2 days ago +65

    Dresses as soldier...
    β€œ...beat the police with a nightstick...”
    We call that logic.

  • AngelGamer


     2 days ago +132

    WTF is wrong with the world?
    Why only 25m.?

  • invade king

    invade king

     2 months ago +4471

    Check list:
    Eminem and Joyner
    Eminem and logic
    Joyner and logic
    Eminem,Joyner and logic
    Lets make this happen

  • d0uble


     14 days ago +797

    The US military celebrating the victory in the September 20th attack on Area 51, 2019 (Colorized)

  • Bus Driver

    Bus Driver

     7 days ago +321

    Joyner Lucas: I can rap the fastest
    Logic: hold my hairline

  • Durning :D

    Durning :D

     14 days ago +591

    Lil Pump: Expensive cars
    Joyner Lucas: Tank
    NF: Shopping Cart
    Eminem: Bunch of weird dudes copying him.

  • Calvin Reynolds

    Calvin Reynolds

     14 days ago +369

    Ended this beef like high school musical. Hopped on a song together

  • ALPHABET Teacher

    ALPHABET Teacher

     2 months ago +13146

    Now I'm waiting for Isis to respond and collab with eminem

  • real monster

    real monster

     14 days ago +285

    Logic killed the whole song with the first 2 lines.......
    "me and joyner need a couple hearses..
    Double homicide kill the beats and the verses" πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  •  5 days ago +191

    Thank you Joyner Lucas I a have ADHD myself to see and a artist who is speaking

  • Lil Jesus

    Lil Jesus

     7 days ago +171

    This is the song we'll be listening before raiding area 51

  • Seancore


     yesterday +6

    Shoutout to 5'9
    Someone had to say it.
    Now get Em + Logic + Joyner
    Break the soundbarrier, laws of physics, and internet at the same time.

  • Michael Bentley

    Michael Bentley

     2 months ago +15322

    I think the FBI are worried about the 25+million people that search up Isis.

  • Russian Hacker

    Russian Hacker

     yesterday +4

    Ima listen to this in my head while I’m in Basic training

  • Ryan John

    Ryan John

     7 days ago +195

    Two people that were beefing come together to make a song worthy of God

  • Andrew Bartel

    Andrew Bartel

     7 days ago +185

    Everyone all on the song (fire btw) but like what about the transition at 2:07

  • g cah

    g cah

     14 days ago +125

    Joyner posts a song titled ISIS.
    FBI: someone get on this