Tyga On Losing Kylie Jenner, Rob & Blac Chyna, False Rumors & More

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 20, 2017
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/hVzRsFm1iD8


  • Jσєу Tнє Bα∂αѕѕ

     2 years ago

    Who else is watching this because they had nothing better to do?

  • William Francisco

     1 months ago


  • Ajaypal Singh Sandhu

     5 months ago

    Tyga is a smart individual. He is not trying to tear down image of his ex’s, that’s some mature stuff.Respect

  • Ya gem Knksksk

     20 days ago

    breakfast club how do u lose her how do u lose her like god what is he supposed to say like "yeah travis Scott nutted in Kylie and that's why we broke up"

  • Michael Robb

     2 months ago

    He has probably matured since he became famous.

  • N. Uwase

     9 months ago

    I met tyga once at LAX, he was cool as af, he actually waited so that I could get past security to take a pic with him. Mad respect, forever fan!

  • Sandra Gutierrez

     4 days ago

    That’s so cool

  • Queen cloud

     16 days ago


  • henessy3022

     11 months ago

    Charlemagne is .... SO ANNOYING...I love that Tyga kept shuttin his ASs down.

  • LemaJ Channel

     29 days ago

    Yes, he is very annoying.

  • Patrick Potchana

     29 days ago

    @Fine Supplements nah he annoyin constantly needs attention n thinks hes like a comedian or somethin

  • MozaikGem

     12 months ago

    Yea i see why him and Kylie didn't make it. He is very mature, on a totally different level! I like him now!! Respeck

  • Angel Face

     2 days ago

    Yeah he is so mature that he makes babies with everyone. SO MATURE

  • Gemini888

     20 days ago

    Lmao he should be more mature considering he starting having sex with her when she was underage and it was illegal.

  • Ronald Shields

     2 years ago

    Tyga successfully blocked each and every one of Charlamagne's negative energy chakras.

  • Gaucci Gaming

     13 days ago

    You gotta respect Charla he really knows how to ask the hot question Which is why you click the video

  • Cassie Lujan

     1 years ago

    CHAKRAS OMFG!!!!!!!

  • Lihle Ngxaza

     9 months ago

    lol damn Tyga is so calm...they tried to come at him but he handled it like a boss🔥🔥🔥🔥💣💣💯💯💯

  • cheryl reedy

     4 months ago

    Lihle Ngxaza nj .

  • Finn Aken, van

     5 months ago

    Lihle Ngxaza weed.

  • Chad Chambers

     8 months ago

    You can say whatever you want about homeboy but every interview I see of TYGA in he is mad respectful.

  • Kayla Principe

     7 months ago

    I have totally new respect for Tyga. What calm, collective, smart, man!

  • Jordan Cueto

     1 months ago

    And what are you?

  • Gabriel Ybarra

     1 months ago

    Sarah Mack why are you out of the kitchen

  • Ryan Mac

     11 months ago

    Tyga broke the curse

  • EZR

     27 days ago

    @Kenzie M Simmons won't get a jumpshot till they break up

  • Sarah R

     2 months ago