Games of Chance - Ten Minute Power Hour

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 1, 2018
  • Some like pee, others like pie.
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    Directer and shot by Tucker ►
    Edited by Tucker and Matt ►

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  • Devon Dow

    Devon Dow


    Arin: it goes into the intake and out the sprayer
    Dan: Yeah I know, you're right, but I started arguing the wrong thing and now I don't wanna admit that I'm wrong!

  • Ninjajack 64

    Ninjajack 64

     3 days ago

    7:00 that’s what happens when dan swears

  • Kayla Navarro

    Kayla Navarro

     5 days ago

    2:00 IM DEAD LMAOOOO 😂😂😂

  • Mason Crosby

    Mason Crosby

     7 days ago

    You guys should play bendy and the ink machine

  • Shark Licker

    Shark Licker

     7 days ago

    I have those same dino pyjamas!

  • ElseMeisterJ


     7 days ago

    My 7 year old little brother confronted my parents about Santa not being real...thanks GameGrumps

  • RAT Epic

    RAT Epic

     7 days ago

    I wish they actually peed in it tho.

  • SCP-999 The tickle monster

    SCP-999 The tickle monster

     14 days ago +2

    “I started arguing and I don’t want to admit I’m wrong!” We’ve all had that moment

  • Mochi's Game Hut

    Mochi's Game Hut

     14 days ago

    With how much bts stuff they put in.. why didn't they just show arin telling dan about the arcade..

  • joblo 18

    joblo 18

     21 days ago +1

    Dan face xD 8:25

  • Parker Green

    Parker Green

     21 days ago

    Dan looks like Weird Al

  • Clay Johnson

    Clay Johnson

     21 days ago

    0:50 sometimes I'm Arin, sometimes I'm Danny

  • Amber Bancroft

    Amber Bancroft

     28 days ago

    8:48 i DONT KNOW TUCKER, WHY IS IT SO WET???????????

  • Watson and Daughter

    Watson and Daughter

     1 months ago

    Why is Arin so beautiful?

  • konata izumi

    konata izumi

     1 months ago

    That was the most intense savor of the peelies I’ve ever seen

  • Catdude0514


     1 months ago

    You pee in the toilet, THE TOILET PEES BACK

  • Kris Doyle

    Kris Doyle

     1 months ago

    Swear to god I've heard that song at 1:53 in some joke about something being sexy but idk if it was GG that used it.

  • Sid Gal

    Sid Gal

     1 months ago

    I laughed so hard because I loved how slow the hand on the pie game was XD XD XD

  • VA Brew

    VA Brew

     1 months ago

    10:13 Idk why but I keep replaying it and it's wonderful!

  • Siren! Danny

    Siren! Danny

     1 months ago

    Dan: But I started arguing the wrong thing and I don’t want to admit that I’m wrong!when my cousin starts a tantrum