I Spent $300 At Goodwill! | Come Thrifting With Me | Vlog | emptyhanger

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 23, 2018
  • Come thrift with me as I shop for items to resell on Poshmark & eBay. Goodwill thrift store haul as I go through my cart and show you what I decide to keep and pass on.

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  • Tracy Cook

    Tracy Cook

     a years ago +404

    I see why you do what you do. However by listing your clothes on eBay or similar. Is depriving people who are low income of having nice clothes. Ok you’re taking time to do it but personally I think it’s crap. I hope you never are in need of goodwill

  • Jill Lindley

    Jill Lindley

     6 days ago

    How do you decide on which items to sell on eBay and which items to sell on Poshmark?

  • newyork lights

    newyork lights

     14 days ago

    Wow, I am absolutely dumbfounded as to why people are complaining about her prices?! Shes not forcing anyone to purchase from her & there way more than enough clothing & buyers out there for everyone. She clearly knows what shes doing & its obvious that it working. I wonder how many of you are actual full-time resellers?

  • jse4730


     a months ago

    Are you still doing keto? How's it going?

  • L B

    L B

     a months ago

    These prices seem high, but really aren't when you consider that items on poshmark pretty much only sell when you've dropped the price a few times. Of course you are going to initially list them at the highest you can

  • SeaweedWitch


     a months ago

    You passing on all your mom’s picks was kind of funny... I would be doing the same with my mom but feel bad.

  • Sherrell Einsig

    Sherrell Einsig

     a months ago

    Hi, would you please tell me how you decide which site you put your items on. Some go to eBay and some to Poshmark. I am just starting out and like a sponge wanting to learn. Thank you in advance.

  • Melinda Peeples

    Melinda Peeples

     2 months ago

    Crown and ivy is a belk brand

  • Humble Yet Wise

    Humble Yet Wise

     3 months ago

    What are your favorite sites to sell on? Can you do a walk through video of your selling? (I-need detailed information FYI.) I see great stuff at GW all the time and NWOT)

  • MsPlay toWin

    MsPlay toWin

     3 months ago +2

    Ru seriously selling used clothing for the stated prices and from the goodwill?

  • B S

    B S

     3 months ago

    I depend alot on Goodwill from time to time. I used to not care what brand it was as long as my kids and i had something to wear. When i dont depend on Goodwill i donate to Goodwill. This time i am all of a sudden left alone with 3 kids and i didn't even know i had picked up really nice brads without knowing they were from fashion designers. My closet was like a treasure box. And i would love to start working on something like this to see how well it does for me.

    One quick question what do you think about
    Alfred Dunner
    C.i. Sono
    Kenneth Cole

  • LS


     4 months ago +1

    These comments are insane. This is only the second video of yours I’ve watched (as Canada just got Poshmark and I’m much better at buying men’s and kids but they are seemingly going to move on Poshmark! Lol!)
    I’m assuming your channel attracts more than strictly resellers cause I follow ralliroots and they don’t get these shit comments about greed and stealing from the poor. You rock this is bull. I’ve been poor I’ve been not as poor I have always thrifted because I’m smart with money not because I’m poor. This is such an old school way of viewing thrifting and it’s not the case anymore. Thrift prices are going way up, yes due to this....however....who’s the greedy ones then? If goodwill was clothing the poor or interest in that they’d give away the stuff that goes to the dump, and wouldn’t charge $30 for anything! Go girl!

  • Ari Tobias

    Ari Tobias

     4 months ago

    Great haul ! Thank you so much for sharing . Idk why people bother to comment rude 💩. I’m hoping to raise my Average sale price and this is very informative!

  • Ashley Smith

    Ashley Smith

     4 months ago +9

    I can't believe how much shade people are trying to throw your way on this video! Whatever hun, thanks for the info and keep it up :)

  • Eileen Nelson

    Eileen Nelson

     5 months ago

    How do I mark a closet/ store my favorite

  • Katrina Jerabkova

    Katrina Jerabkova

     5 months ago

    Hello i was wondering how do u know how much to list them for, how do u find the retail price...can you send me an email to help me its please and thank you

  • Sheila Kilby

    Sheila Kilby

     5 months ago

    Very informative video. I have just listed my first couple items on Posh. How long do you leave your items, before you reduce the price? Thank you.

  • Lynne Bishop

    Lynne Bishop

     5 months ago

    STOP this ridiculous conversation. Before you judge Empty Hanger, ASK the manager at any Goodwill store. Goodwill makes its money on people like Empty Hanger who shop there all the time. They USE that money to hire low income people at their thrift stores. The money that Empty Hanger spends there gives jobs to people who would be unemployed otherwise. I have NEVER seen a poor, homeless person shopping at Goodwill. If you are one of the people criticizing Empty Hanger, you clearly are uneducated about what Goodwill does and what it stands for. Know your subject before criticizing.

  • Olivia Frazier

    Olivia Frazier

     6 months ago

    These negative comments are B.S. There is so much more to it than strolling through Goodwill and plunking down the cash. She cleans, repairs, photographs, researches, manages, negotiates, and ships. If someone thinks by performing those functions she is somehow doing something unethical, they really need to work for themselves for a while. Also, if you think it is wrong because you’re “depriving people in need”, you clearly don’t understand how Goodwill works. The donations aren’t intended to be sold to poor people, it’s the profits Goodwill makes from customers (of all kinds) that are used to HELP poor people. She is buying a ton of stuff from Goodwill at THEIR cost. That just helps them get the profits faster anyway.

  • lala love

    lala love

     6 months ago

    Omg y'all haters shes providing a service.Shes able to sell unique clothing items to people around the country that want to buy clothes.Get over it. Some people dont have time to dig through thrift stores etc.