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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 24, 2018
  • We reveal who our College Kids React crushes are...and expose all the tea. Spill it or Fill it gets real... It's basically like Truth or Dare but only Truths...and a lot worse food..SUBSCRIBE!! I do cool things!!...sometimes. Hit the Bell icon after to make sure you get notified when I post! check me out on Teens React and Adults React on the Fine Brothers and REACT channels!!ERIC'S VIDEO:'S VIDEO: Media: Tomphelann
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  • BostonTom

     9 months ago

    Check out my new merch!:

  • Thilina Akash

     2 months ago

    Hey can anyone please tell the track playing at the end of the video? It sounds awesome!

  • Magnamaster

     3 months ago

    Is there a specific list of all the food items ?

  • Krista2882

     5 months ago

    I feel like 75% of this was to make Eric and Tori feel awkward 🤣

  • Alexander Tahtadjian

     8 days ago

    Krista2882 agreed

  • ColeSprouse-isF-ingHot

     9 days ago

    Krista2882 yeah cause they hadn’t announced that they were dating yet back then.

  • bailey mcroberts

     5 months ago

    Tom: Eric who’s your fbe crush?Eric: dude you know I can’t answer that.Brandon: *smirks knowingly*Tom: *nods knowingly*

  • YNWA9613

     3 days ago

    i promise I’m not bent not last October

  • Nehmi

     4 days ago

    Is Tom gay?

  • Eric Doucet

     5 months ago

    The sex dream question to tori 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he knew who it was and freaking asked it 🤣🤣🤣🤣 (here after Toric video which I am shipping so hard right now)

  • Jon Higdon

     1 months ago

    What video?

  • PPoongPPoong ie

     1 months ago

    just a person having fun nope i think it’s 7 months!

  • emily s

     5 months ago

    *has arm around tori* who’s your fbe crush?

  • Løvely Løner

     15 days ago

    They kinda cuddled to when they were looking at Tom eat the gross thing...

  • Sm0l Fr11_.

     1 months ago

    Dimininiqae they are dating lol

  • Jack Du the Music Nerd

     5 months ago

    Tom, "Eric, who's your FBE crush?"Tori: *laughs nervously*

  • aloha camille

     7 months ago

    i ship tori and eric

  • iucking fidiot

     2 days ago

    they’re dating

  • i promise I’m not bent

     21 days ago

    bruh moment they’re actually dating

  • Eva Hayes

     5 months ago

    "You know I can't answer that," Eric says after LITERALLY curling up into her shoulder, having his arm around her, and being blatantly all cuddly and touchy

  • Eva Hayes

     3 months ago

    @Romy – shhhhhhhhh it's the most he could do

  • Romy –

     3 months ago

    His arm is behind the couch though lol but yeah

  • Unicorn 25

     5 months ago

    who came here after the video confirming toric? Lmao 😂

  • Boitumelo Molefe

     19 days ago


  • Greg Schultz

     1 months ago

    More importantly, who saw it happen when Eric said "Dude you know I can't answer that"?. I'm not saying I knew, but its something to think about.

  • yach tian

     8 months ago

    3:11 when Eric nonchalently asked about Tori's wet dream and the other three's faces turned totally beet red

  • jhuno sai

     1 months ago

    Wet dream is where u dream of peeing on someone and waking up wet cause u pee on your sleep (sarcasm added)

  • jhuno sai

     1 months ago

    I know right hahahaha Hilariously cute hahahah