The oppa's are mad!!! [Hello Counselor / 2017.05.29]

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 29, 2017
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  • MsTomatoGuru

     2 years ago

    The girl is so sweet and cute! It's annoying how parents treat their children like shit under the guise of 'parenting style' and I really hope her mum changes after this show.

  • Kasvini Muniandy

     1 years ago

    OH MY GOD!!!!!! I thought those were her brothers!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD! How come the regular customers care more about her than her own family?

  • UmB Kim-Hwang

     1 months ago

    @Rose Nguyen bcoz here brothers didn't care and fvck it...

  • Rose Nguyen

     1 months ago

    Why did she bring customers?!

  • althea broxx

     1 years ago

    The two costomers were more understanding than her mother plus the costomers were kinda cute

  • Maridien

     3 months ago

    The second customer looks cute

  • Paula Trevino

     3 months ago

    The one on the right is soooo cute

  • PettyFatty

     1 years ago

    this is child abuse!! her mom is totally robbing her daughter's childhood

  • Life in multiple colours

     29 days ago

    If I was a PD or a host from this show, I would call child protective services after the show. This is a form of children neglect that they are actually dealing with. I do see that she's a danger to her daughter and before anything bad happens, she should be taken out of her family and maybe in a group home or international adoption.

  • hummus

     1 months ago

    @sklvst erm not really, emotional/verbal/mental abuse is kinda a charge, but cps and stuff wouldn't put someone in jail or whatever for it, i think it just puts them on a watchlist or something

  • Mariam Nasir

     1 years ago

    What's worse than her forcing her child to work and discriminating her, is her damned attitude about it. She's so nonchalant and basically has no brain. Makes me wanna punch a wall....or her face.

  • elisarigitsifa margareth

     23 days ago

    don’t u mean: punch a wall... with her face

  • aetherisc

     3 months ago

    She’s teaching her daughter that all of her hard work is barely for 2dollars. What a rotten parent she is. Her daughter is so dutiful!!

  • just dee

     2 years ago

    When one of the hosts said "I think she won't change", I think so too. She doesn't seems like serious when they talk to her.

  • 김아예사

     1 months ago

    I wonder who that host is...

  • Pooja Rajesh.

     1 years ago

    “Of course not, look at my face.”This made me sad to hear because she’s a genuinely pretty girl with some cool indie(?) vibe and it’s sad how she doesn’t really see that and how it proves she has low self esteem because of her excuse of a mother.Every time the woman laughed, it just proved how little she thought of this situation and how this atrocity is going to continue. This woman is disgusting and needs to be therapeutically treated to change her mindset.

  • Cat Lady Lover

     1 months ago

    I bet even after the show she was mad

  • my i-gotstayzen heart

     1 months ago

    @where's my rooptoff i was so upset. that she can't see that she's so pretty.

  • Yoongi Af

     1 years ago

    The fact that the people she brought with her for backup wasn’t even family or friends, made me feel even more sad awwww

  • Adrianita Putri

     1 months ago

    Yeah, i understand if the brother doesn't want to come, in case his relationship with mom gets worse, BUT the dad? It's crazy, why didn't he support his own children?!

  • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

     1 years ago

    the sexism here is disgusting. Seeing this mother discriminate between son and daughter just made me remember all the other girls I've met in my life who were denied an education because the precious son deserves it more.Of course her grades went down. What's the point of studying when your own mother doesn't want you to be anything more than a hairdresser?

  • lolo wilkens

     1 months ago


  • 송J1N洪

     3 months ago

    I don't wanna call it Sexism because that has a Western image that is much more than the situation here, but in general, it is Sexism, it used to be practical as Men had more benefits since they worked harder for the family while Women had to take care of babies because they had better skills at it and therefore were protected at all costs, but we are not in the primitive era anymore and this standard is damn stupid, yes this situation could happen in any couple, but the reverse could definitely be a t...

  • Lee Maia

     1 years ago

    When titel says: 'The Oppa's are mad!!!' they mean it, because holy I could feel the aura here in Denmark o.o

  • Ucciditi YT

     1 months ago

    same here in Italy. I stared at my screen in disbelief... How can, a mother, treat her child like this? I just.... can't believe it... It's infuriating and frustrating

  • KPOP Stan

     1 months ago

    Same too! I can feel it even all the way here in canada