The 'Diff'rent Strokes' With The Bicycle Man Child Molester

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 20, 2018
  • Remember the 'Diff'rent Strokes' with the bicycle man child molester? It was a very special episode.

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    Actor/ Writer/ Editor: Dashiell Driscoll
    VFX: Joe Humpay
    Post Supervisor: Kia Reghabi

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  • Eyeland Ninja

    Eyeland Ninja

     an hour ago

    Jeez, they almost got some different strokes alright...

  • Manny4356



    "Alright, now I want you boys to scream real loud at my ass."

  • Black Shades Johnny Cage

    Black Shades Johnny Cage


    Michael Jackson parts was not funny man smh they still wont let u live mike even in death

  • Young beat2x

    Young beat2x

     2 days ago

    I subbed this shit funny asf

  • Clint Workley

    Clint Workley

     2 days ago

    The way you narrated this was great

  • Ryker


     3 days ago

    C's like b's lmfao

  • Kirk Anthony

    Kirk Anthony

     3 days ago

    This was such an awkward laugh track.

  • Johnny Freeman

    Johnny Freeman

     4 days ago takes Different Strokes to rule the world.....yes it does.....

  • Seti Michael Maxwell

    Seti Michael Maxwell

     4 days ago

    There's something really weird about that bicycle guy. I can't place it.

  • Skylar Christopher

    Skylar Christopher

     5 days ago

    why was Dudley’s dad just slightly inconvenienced that his son just potentially got molested 💀💀

  • Bernell Boykin

    Bernell Boykin

     8 days ago

    Don't tell dada shiiit

  • HeadshotTatertot93


     8 days ago

    The crip and blood reference with the red bike were smooth as fuck lmao “where he bomes from” lmfaoooooo

  • kingbeauregard


     9 days ago +1

    You know who else likes a terrific passer-outer? Bill Cosby.



     9 days ago

    Ain't it funny that people would believe movie or TV shows even though it isn't true

  • Donte Tidwell

    Donte Tidwell

     10 days ago

    Theres alot of "pause" moments here 😂😂😂

  • Demetrius Hunt

    Demetrius Hunt

     10 days ago +1

    I remember this

  • Garrett Plays Games

    Garrett Plays Games

     10 days ago

    Didnt family guy reference this?

  • Bryan Evans

    Bryan Evans

     10 days ago

    Arnold! Dude! PHRASING!

  • Marcie owo

    Marcie owo

     10 days ago

    “If you wants to swing by after school he can ride that red thang!! ..maybe take the bike for a spin too.”
    omg no-

  • Maryanne WestVirginiagirl

    Maryanne WestVirginiagirl

     11 days ago

    WTF... This is sooooooo disturbing in so many ways!! Especially that laugh track!!!!!