The Real Reason Chinese Phones are so Cheap in 2019...🔥🔥🔥

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 25, 2018
  • How can chinese companies sell phones for $100 and make money? 5 Reasons why!Latest Giveaway here! ▶▶▶ out the Gearbest Flash Sale here ▶▶▶ the last point, reliable and reliability play a big role in why parts are so cheap.Credits to:
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  • Zi Reviews Tech

    Zi Reviews Tech

     a years ago +95

    Hey guys I'm giving away TWO cell phones worth $369 & $269, link below!

  • Walkertongdee


     a years ago +2203

    Dude Dude Dude its not that the Chinese phones are cheap its that the other phones are EXPENSIVE!

  • AbuTamim23


     8 months ago +277

    It is not that these phones are cheap
    But other phones ARE OVER PRICED!!!

  • I Make Funny Comments

    I Make Funny Comments

     4 months ago +110

    Lol. This is made a year ago and it's titled "2019".

  • J C

    J C

     2 months ago +43

    Because other phones are overpriced. True fact, dude

  • nongthip


     6 months ago +78

    Watching this video on a $150 Huawei Android phone which does 90% of whatever I want out of a phone. No need to blow $1k on some high-end fashion statement. 😱

  • adam ryan

    adam ryan

     a years ago +1146

    Chinese phones are not cheap, that's the real price of phones.

  • archive zeroone

    archive zeroone

     5 months ago +52

    the last part of this video seems to imply that chinese phones are all with crapy parts. he didn't say that, but he said apple got the best chips(showing Jobs in the conference), then samsong got second class chips(showing a Koren guy got arrested), then he said the rest got crapies chips (showing some chinese guy with umidigi and then xiaomi). So this guy is purposely using common tricks western media use to imply things trying to wash some idea into your brains. And still he can say he didn't mean any of these.
    China makes low quality products. this is what he wants to say. and it's still all over the internet. Westerners love to talk like that to confirm with each other that it's still the case so they feel safe, and sleep well with their arrogance assured with their folks.

  • vickimon


     1 months ago +9

    They're not cheap, but they're correctly priced. If a phone costs $200 to manufacture a phone Chinese phones sell it at $350, which is a reasonable profit margin. Phones like iPhones and Samsungs may costs around $250 to build (including labor) but sells outright at retail for $800 or $1,000.... that's overpriced and as long as idiots keeps buying them. That it will be the standard.

  • Eddie Cheang

    Eddie Cheang

     2 months ago +14

    Huawei, Xiao Mi and Oppo are all "Value for Money" products.

  • Lennart Michel

    Lennart Michel

     7 days ago +4

    Personally, I never spent over 200€ for a phone. To me, there is no need to buy an overpriced iPhone and even Samsung can´t really compete with Umidigi or Elephone

  • keff


     a years ago +262

    Some people pay $50 for a watch, some pay $50,000. Is the accuracy of the time you eat your lunch worth the difference? No, the true reason to spend so much more is to make one feel better about himself.

  • Tunggul Sujarwo, ST, MBA

    Tunggul Sujarwo, ST, MBA

     2 months ago +1

    Whatever the reasons, affordable price is the king in the ordinary market.
    Too large gab differences of price also making a question then lost the market share.
    Thats all also the fact and face it.

  • Munsur Ahmed

    Munsur Ahmed

     8 months ago +8

    I respect China for making cheaper products with the quality u get.

  • Faranox


     11 months ago +53

    Xiaomi makes most of it's profit from their battery packs, headphones, cases ECT.

  • Lem Bulangis

    Lem Bulangis

     8 months ago +17

    I like Xiaomi products! I have Mi A1, Yee light, Xiaomi tripod 🤭

  • Hunter Rodrigez

    Hunter Rodrigez

     7 months ago +10

    I got a Xiaomi note 5, it was like 200 bucks, feels quite premium and can very easily keep up with most flagships out there.
    and with a custom rom I don't even have to use the xiaomi launcher with all the bloatware

  • Faranox


     8 months ago +2

    To make, NOT to create. Millions of R&D + Ads went into creating the product one can buy today.



     1 months ago +2

    小米is making profits for 5percent.

  • Fionn


     4 months ago +4

    This video was uploaded in January 2018 yet says “in 2019...”