Re-Learning Math with Scott Flansburg, the Human Calculator (Part 1)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 24, 2012
  • Remember when you hated math class in school? Scott Flansburg says it's because we were taught the 'wrong,' more complex method. In reality, math is simple and can even be magical when learned the right way. Watch as Scott, the world's fastest human calculator, makes us fall in love with math in a whole new way.

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  • Animeetchi


     16 hours ago

    XD I'm gonna practice!

    5510 1910 2810 3710 4610
    11010 2911 3811 4711 6511
    21012 3912 4812 5712 6612
    31013 4913 5813 6713
    41014 5914 6814 7714
    51015 6915 7815
    61016 7916 8816
    71017 8917
    81018 9918

    (It burns!!)

  • Ainan MDJR

    Ainan MDJR

     18 hours ago

    Scott when he found out that 4 is spelled with four letters:
    This is beyond science

  • William


     20 hours ago

    Tbh if you actually care enough about math (doesnt need to like it, just not deep hate) to want be able count simple calulations, u will start noticing these easier patterns or get it from internet in shorter time. And u will actually remember it cuz u care enough to want to

  • eric trejo

    eric trejo


    That’s how I count Domino, you just round up the nums

  • Alex Lambert

    Alex Lambert


    31:55 - So 78 x 11 = 7,158? This is where you really DO have to carry the 1. Lol

  • Joel Sawyers

    Joel Sawyers


    my 3 1/2 year old loves math and can count beyond a hundred, count by different numbers, multiply, add, and subtract. What do I do to help him advance further while he has the passion for it?

  • Dirk Sebregts

    Dirk Sebregts

     2 days ago

    @ 24:45 this only is true in English.

  • Dank Tank

    Dank Tank

     2 days ago


  • Douglas payne

    Douglas payne

     2 days ago

    School is not a place for smart people

  • Pneuma Official

    Pneuma Official

     3 days ago +1

    I havent been excited like a kid about math since I first started programming. I wish you were my teacher

  • Kyle Hobbs

    Kyle Hobbs

     4 days ago +2

    This shit is how i did my math in school.. My teachers would not allow it at all. They made me show my work just like they did. Skummy

  • Bryer


     4 days ago +4

    what about 37 x 11? did he say something about when the numbers add to ten? Would the ten from the 3 and 7 carry over to the 3 making it a 4?

  • David Torrey

    David Torrey

     4 days ago +6

    All I learned is this guy made a lot of terrible life decisions

  • Cage Ò Riada

    Cage Ò Riada

     4 days ago

    I fucking hate math, always have until now, like wow this is actually really cool

  • 1012 5

    1012 5

     4 days ago

    Since he mentioned the 11 multiplication trick, I thought I could add that: any number ×5 is that number cut in half, and with a 0. 6×5 is half of 6 (3) with numbers that don't cut in half perfectly, you just drop the zero. 5×5 is half of 5 (2.5) but throw out the decimal. 15×5 (7.5) 75 30×5=150 etc

  • sammy wauneka

    sammy wauneka

     4 days ago +1

    Checked the video and the calculator is working correctly

  • Will Mate

    Will Mate

     4 days ago

    So it's like vedic maths?

  • Len Martin

    Len Martin

     4 days ago +2

    "we wake in algebra and go what happen?"
    So true.

  • Jonathan Jensen

    Jonathan Jensen

     5 days ago +6

    I like how the whole angles-in-numbers thing was some irrelevant, ad-hoc sophistry that didn't even work right and had to actually alter some of the numbers drastically.

  • m d

    m d

     5 days ago +1

    1 + 1= 0