Restoring History: Creating WoW Classic (BlizzCon Classic Panel)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 4, 2018
  • Hey guys! I'm glad this has remained up on YouTube for everyone to watch, if you're going to be playing Classic then check out some of my other videos on my channel!

    ⚡ Thunderfury, The Weapon You Can't Have ⚡:

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  • AzAMOuS


     3 months ago +90

    For everyone that is going to be playing Classic for the first time, I wish you a great journey. This version of the game is what made us all fall in love with WoW.

    Have fun guys!

  • RowdyClouds Unbound

    RowdyClouds Unbound

     a months ago

    So instead of fixing the shit storm this game has become we'll just exploit the crack addicts nostalgia and increase our subscription count. Not fooling me, those were good times but theres no point in looking back and sinking the amount of money and time that I did for the same experience and same content. WoW will forever just be a fond, precious memory.

  • Magic Medic

    Magic Medic

     a months ago +1

    This is so interesting. The part with the database data makes it clear why they were hesitant for so long to create Classic, they had to dig out age old code and assets which barely anyone knew how it worked and built the whole client new from the ground up! They technical efforts are crazy!

  • mvpmickey1


     a months ago +1

    Old Energy Regeneration doesn't affect your rotation nor burst Feel while playing. Returning such thing is unnecessary. Rather it pissed off people with OCD or ADHD.

  • Literally Shaking

    Literally Shaking

     a months ago

    Ian: “I have no idea what to do with my hands”

  • Big Dubyuh

    Big Dubyuh

     2 months ago

    I still dont get why addons that were ok in in vanilla are not ok in classic SOOOOOOO FUCKING annoying

  • Skindoggiedog


     2 months ago

    The way this guy speaks is retarded. The "r" inflections especially but also how he says "thoughts." It comes out "tharts." GG hiring a public speaker that can't speak.

  • Member Berry

    Member Berry

     2 months ago

    I wish many things would have been carried to classic. classic is full of mistakes, but I respect them for keeping those mistakes to make it as authentic as possible

  • Quincy Jones

    Quincy Jones

     2 months ago

    Now that classic is released HURRRY UP and release the next phase

  • Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa

    Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa

     2 months ago

    We need more panels like this. How things are developed. Designed. Tools. Think of the developers and creative people outside of Blizzard.

  • Mitch Manix

    Mitch Manix

     2 months ago

    35:24 Blue Mohawk Guy approves..

  • Bo Ko

    Bo Ko

     2 months ago

    Recreating? Its the same game.. they havent created anything

  • scott cisek

    scott cisek

     2 months ago

    yep no dungeon finder i dont miss classic at all it was terrible

  • SubZero


     2 months ago

    1:48 Omar!

  • Midnai Midna

    Midnai Midna

     2 months ago +2

    32:38 Ahh ye. Standing in town for 30+ minutes before every dungeon, desperately spamming recruitment, adding people to friends list so you can use them like assets(Objects) because it's so inconvenient to find new ones, and being stuck in a server that your friend isn't on, forcing you to make a new character on a new server, & spending 20 minutes killing trash mobs between every quest (Cause they have so much HP back then) and the list of inconvenient , poor quality of life, masochistic conditions that older players ENDURED. What kind of monsters wanted to bring that crap back? Delusional, nostalgic ones probably. But now you're stuck with it and you gotta convince all your buddies to join you in the dark ages, or you're gonna look like a fool ~

  • Vít Dřevikovský

    Vít Dřevikovský

     2 months ago

    keyword: Blizzard quality you've come to expect

  • Lord Penguin

    Lord Penguin

     2 months ago

    So where is the loot trading?

  • ESP87


     2 months ago

    So they are waiting with PvP gear because it would be to overpowered in PvE?, well now people are raiding to get gear instead so when the PvP system actually starts those who PvP have zero chance against the other people, didn't think that one through...

  • Bollibompa


     2 months ago

    erhm, so. what's wrong with your internet? the quality drops all the time.

  • MrStealYoGirl


     2 months ago

    Did no one realize his eye's change for a quick second at 2:18 ?