Restoring History: Creating WoW Classic (BlizzCon Classic Panel)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 4, 2018
  • Hey guys! I'm glad this has remained up on YouTube for everyone to watch, if you're going to be playing Classic then check out some of my other videos on my channel!⚡ Thunderfury, The Weapon You Can't Have ⚡:🔮 Wands, A Caster's Best Friend 🔮:💰 Gold Sellers, An Unstoppable Plague 💰: ⚠ Follow @azamousgaming (23K!) on instagram for gaming memes! 💪 💪#wowclassic #classicwow #blizzcon2018
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  • AzAMOuS


     9 months ago +31

    Hey guys! Check out some of my other videos on my channel if you're interested in Classic!
    ⚡ Thunderfury, The Weapon You Can't Have ⚡:
    🔮 Wands, A Caster's Best Friend 🔮:
    💰 Gold Sellers, An Unstoppable Plague 💰:

  • Khechari


     9 months ago +456

    "touched all of our hearts"
    ya, like a crack addiction lol

  • Fearsome Warrior

    Fearsome Warrior

     9 months ago +425

    I'm gonna cry when I open the client the first time. Like a baby.

  • human123


     9 months ago +665

    they better not forget the vanilla weather effects, they were my favorite

  • Loukas Kalliantasis

    Loukas Kalliantasis

     9 months ago +682

    That was literally one of the most interesting panels ive ever seen in blizzcon.

  • Juan Martinez

    Juan Martinez

     9 months ago +278

    Thanks to wow I met and married the love of my life, my mage friend became my girlfriend, then my fiance, then wife, now mother of my 3 girls. Wow holds a special place in my heart, from RL friends I made and good times in game.

  • Nick Smith

    Nick Smith

     9 months ago +165

    Sorry career, sorry girlfriend, sorry bills but most of all I need to say sorry to my mother for what's about to happen. I'm moving back into your attic and you are going to cook my meals and collect my dirty plates from the top of the stairs again. It's classic time!

  • Cows_n_Muffins


     2 months ago +69

    This is the closest I've seen a man walk through an actual minefield.

  • Som Guy

    Som Guy

     yesterday +3

    So... basically Classic became 100x more complicated for the sake of Battle-net

  • zawarudo


     9 months ago +178

    He seems to be very aware of all the problems that ruined retail, which makes it all the more frustrating that they exist.

  • R3ggz


     9 months ago +91

    I know this Blizzcon didn’t go down to well, but this 46 min panel, was probably some of the best work I’ve seen blizzard present in years.
    They really thought about every area, and they broke it down very well.
    I’m looking forward to classic.

  • Some Guy

    Some Guy

     16 hours ago +1

    16 debuff limit makes me unhappy :(. Because it means I cannot play as character which I would like to play.

  • Martin Ivanov

    Martin Ivanov

     9 months ago +103

    the lovely dark nights in vanilla :)

  • Nicholas Brakespear

    Nicholas Brakespear

     8 months ago +17

    When I first played WoW, back when it first came out... I was on 56k dialup. In my first big world PVP battle at Tarren Mill, I had a latency of 10,000ms. I used intimidating shout on a tightly-packed group of Alliance players. Ten seconds after I pushed the button and watched them scatter... I found out that I'd been dead for ten seconds.

  • Aggis


     9 months ago +280

    This representation feels like it's coming from the good old Blizzard back in the day, not the evil Activision Blizzard that is ruining our current World of Warcraft.

  • TheDeliciousMystery


     9 months ago +42

    Its such a stark difference to watch the BfA stuff where the devs look so tired and then the classic guys looking super excited to be doing what they are doing.

  • Som Guy

    Som Guy

     yesterday +2

    "Cross-realm grouping? Never."

  • Brian B

    Brian B

     9 months ago +63

    Lamposts being bugged for 13 years. GG

  • Dash4EVA


     yesterday +1

    I wanna know about the future I don't care about classic

  • Ladis B.

    Ladis B.

     9 months ago +220

    They are doing an amazing job and have a correct approach, its sad that people often dont get what it takes and the reasons behind certain decisions