Warbringers: Azshara

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 24, 2018
  • What would you do to save a people? For the great queen Azshara, it is within the deeps that she finds what she needs most: opportunity.http://WorldofWarcraft.comSubscribe!http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c...
  • Source: https://youtu.be/hndyTy3uiZM


  • Walter Endres

    Walter Endres

     a years ago +2747

    Would be fun if the final boss of the expansion is the fish. Not n'zoth. Just the fish.

  • gregq8


     9 months ago +3235

    Nzoth: I have an unpaid internship position open if you are intere-
    Azshara: Project Manager and full benefits or I’d rather just die
    Nzoth: Understandable, have a nice day

  • mathias rene lien

    mathias rene lien

     11 months ago +2718

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Who lives in a twisted temple under the sea?

  • Nathan Wilburn

    Nathan Wilburn

     8 months ago +896

    To give you guys an idea of how powerful Azshara as a spellcaster was here, she held the weight of an entire ocean, thousands upon thousands of tons, for 63 seconds. That's monstrous.

  • Saika


     11 months ago +3587

    Azshara: Sargeras had a big sword. You?
    N'zoth: I have tentacles
    Azshara: Magnificent!

  • Veni


     a years ago +6745

    A 🐢 TURTLE 🐢 MADE 🐢 IT 🐢 TO 🐢 THE 🐢 WATER 🐢

  • swagMEISTER


     8 months ago +626

    I like how N’Zoth makes her wait after she tries to gain control over the deal. She started to second guess herself and get scared. That was an interesting little thing he did.

  • KryterSeretGWRF


     11 months ago +1521

    -Serve me !
    - No.
    - Serve me as a queen !
    - OK.

  • Skorpio


     11 months ago +2880

    After all that...
    Questgiver: bring me 10 Naga tails
    Me: Sigh....ok

  • The Pandioli.

    The Pandioli.

     11 months ago +1031

    N’Zoth: deal? I like deals
    Me: can’t tell if your an old god or a goblin

  • Kevin Cowart

    Kevin Cowart

     10 months ago +268

    Most movies cant do in 90 minutes what Warbringers did in 7 minutes. This is a true masterclass of audio-visual entertainment, and new bar has been set.

  • Korax


     11 months ago +1004

    Magnificent... Now, let's wait 10 000 years before we actually do something noticable.

  • 117blingbling


     10 months ago +383

    The God of Nothing ?
    Well Isn't he a spawn of the Void ?
    then technically she's not wrong.

  • swagMEISTER


     8 months ago +189

    The perfect slave is one who doesn't realize they are

  • Dr. Badtimes

    Dr. Badtimes

     a years ago +1863

    Deals? I like deals...
    Who are you?! Show yourself!

  • Robert Pugh

    Robert Pugh

     4 months ago +205

    Azshara: checks herself over hmmm yeah I can work this. Its good to be queen.
    Nzoth: Im glad youre pleased my queen. Now then down to business, enemy killing, empire building, where to start?
    A: 'kay, first we conquer like, ALL the ocean!
    N: Excellent, great start. What next?
    A: Next I send my people to any zone with a beach in groups of 20-50 to harass locals.
    N: ..umm okay. Then what?
    A: What do you mean "then what?" There is no next step. I conquered the sea. Thats the majority of the planet. I win. sits on a couch and lazily eats grapes
    A: Now now. That's not how you talk to a queen. Dont like it? You can let me die and rot in this prison, alone. Well?
    N: ....
    A: I'll take your fuming silence for grudging acceptance of your position. Grape?
    N: ... *sigh*...yes, thank you.
    A: thank you what?
    N: ... thank you my queen.

  • Big Boss

    Big Boss

     4 months ago +105

    fish: stop
    blue lady: no
    fish: stop
    blue lady: no i hab empire n stuf
    fish: no
    blue lady: ok
    fish: u gonna die soon
    blue lady: you just a fish
    fish: im a god i used to have the vip card here
    blue lady: no i wont be ur slave
    fish: lead fish pls
    blue lady: ok
    strange snek ppl: long live blue lady
    blue lady: lol ok

  • TacocaT


     11 months ago +709

    And as she sank beneath the waves
    Betrayed by her own greed
    To her people, with her last breath cried-
    This was NOT the deal I made

  • Ritz Zhang

    Ritz Zhang

     11 months ago +335

    absolutely loving the war drums and "I am a god". Jeez this is so good

  • Tòn Tòn

    Tòn Tòn

     11 months ago +367

    A queen is still a piece of chess on the table