Is Luxury Skincare Worth It? $4,000 Later... | Jackie Aina

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 15, 2018
  • My Diamond Glow Powders

    Hi babes! I LOADED up the shopping cart with as many expensive and boujie skincare products I could find. ARE THE worth the splurge or nah?! Find out today!


    My Aesthetician!

    P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D:
    Hyaluronic Acid Serum
    Lancome Absolue Rose Pearl Mask
    Estee Lauder Eye Mask
    ELF Mask Spatula
    SK II Facial Essence
    Sisley Paris Eye Contour Mask
    Revive Line Erasing Serum
    Cle De Peau Synactif Eye Ritual Set
    La Mer Crème de la Mer

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  • Jackie Aina

    Jackie Aina

     a years ago +21565

    why people love telling EVERYONE they only use water and clean and clear? lmfao how's that going to help ME SIS?! Tell that to my acne marks Vanessa!!!! tell that to my people with textured skin!! Or cystic acne!!!! that's like people who brag about eating what they want and never gaining weight.....what that got to do with meeeeee

  • liz pizarro

    liz pizarro


    Does it come with Michael b Jordan 😭😂❤️

  • claudieko


     2 days ago

    This would have been easier to appreciate if it had had one side of the face with the really expensive products and the other side with nothing or with the more affordable ones. The eye cream I didn't think it would work right away, dark circles are hard to erase, but the rest should have.

  • Luella Ben Aziza

    Luella Ben Aziza

     3 days ago

    Skincare aside, you're amazing

  • Aaishah Allie

    Aaishah Allie

     3 days ago

    Love you Jackie! ❤️

  • Bethany Hutchings

    Bethany Hutchings

     3 days ago

    My favorite boujee product I have used (the only boujee product I have used) is from L'Occitane and it is their Divine Immortelle face cream. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH my lanta it made my skin feel like butter in the best way.

  • jezebel324


     5 days ago

    the car ride over was the best paaartl

  • Mika Miks

    Mika Miks

     6 days ago

    The mask has a very interesting look to it 😂😂

  • Kennedy Farrior

    Kennedy Farrior

     7 days ago


  • loreela22


     7 days ago

    Id be baking, not in the kitchen in my face!

  • Brenna Nelson

    Brenna Nelson

     7 days ago

    “Does it comes with mbj?” I was wondering the same thing😂

  • Ami Khan

    Ami Khan

     7 days ago

    1:36 Imagine driving beside Jackie and randomly spotting her in the middle of her dance moves 😂😂😂

  • lama lamloom

    lama lamloom

     7 days ago

    The last two products made your skin glowy

  • pshyeahtischelsea


     7 days ago +1

    If you ain’t finna use it I’ll take that la mer 🤣

  • The Hairston's

    The Hairston's

     7 days ago

    I got two free samples of La Mer in the mail. 😂

  • The Hairston's

    The Hairston's

     7 days ago

    LMFAO 😂😹

  • Naturally Latrice

    Naturally Latrice

     7 days ago +1

    Hell and here I am trying to decide if I should drop money on some Murad. 🤣

  • Stephanie Coburn

    Stephanie Coburn

     7 days ago

    Jealous of the fact that you can walk in a store and do this but I'm also living vicariously through you lol

  • tehmaimed


     7 days ago

    Is Revive actually pronounced like that??? That's literally the BOUJIEST way of saying revive lmfaooooooo

  • Madeleine F

    Madeleine F

     14 days ago

    after spending 4k on sckincare I better age like Edward scissor hands