The Best Prank On YouTube (not a prank)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 10, 2019
  • Guys this is not a prank it's a video.

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    The Best Prank On YouTube (not a prank)


    Cody Ko
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  • turbo titty

    turbo titty

     2 hours ago

    Jerking off for the first time is like "Do i know whats gonna come out of it? No."

  • Big Chungus 2020

    Big Chungus 2020

     6 hours ago

    Hopefully it is just because it is a camera, but after listening to that McLaren at 4:50, sounds like they needed to take it in either way. Sounded like shit.

    Moral of the story: Take care of your fucking cars.

  • ace cancio

    ace cancio

     6 hours ago


  • Christopher Bodnar

    Christopher Bodnar

     8 hours ago

    I found the dobre brothers before everyone else. I was looking for a band or song. Then i found that goldmine.. Before it was cool!! Then made my wife listen to them for the rest of the day. We havw yet to recover.

  • M-ehdi music

    M-ehdi music

     11 hours ago

    Your videos it's shiit ma nigga you A fucking stupid

  • Georgia Sammut

    Georgia Sammut

     16 hours ago +1

    Far out why are you so fixated with the dobre brothers I mean yes they are good but like seriously

  • Bright Muffin

    Bright Muffin

     16 hours ago +5

    Heh I just came for those little kids comments that they swear in lol kids wher ur parents lmao

  • Mangali Magar

    Mangali Magar

     18 hours ago +1

    They are better then you and amazing people

  • Desyia Morris

    Desyia Morris

     18 hours ago

    Guys this youtuber is a hater

  • Abbie Kerns

    Abbie Kerns

     22 hours ago +2

    People like that don’t deserve cars like that. Wtf is this world we live in.

  • Toast Child

    Toast Child

     23 hours ago

    I can remember the times when It was the Dober twins

  • Sean Meredith

    Sean Meredith

     yesterday +1

    I can't get over voice crack barbie.

  • F a k e

    F a k e



  • H M

    H M

     yesterday +3

    Cody has a really shiny nose

  • Broccoli Integrity

    Broccoli Integrity


    Wow dobre brothers should fight you kid man the dobre brothers are older than you kid go off yourself child


  • LukelikesLego


     yesterday +2

    Adrenaline doesnt even sound like a word anymore.




    Omg when I saw this I was like laughing so hard that it looked like I was choking.

  • Your Uncle John

    Your Uncle John

     yesterday +1

    1:22 dude got that Super Saiyan Trunks hair

  • Jaquelin Munoz

    Jaquelin Munoz


    How bout u shut up and let them do their thing just like they let u do ur thing tf

  • StarFøx


     2 days ago +7

    All the dober bros look like they're ready to suck a cock at a moments notice