photography mistakes you don’t even know you’re making

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 2, 2018
  • In this video I talk about some mistakes I think photographers are making when they first start out...and what to do about emmm


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  • Maximus I

    Maximus I

     7 days ago

    I love your eyebrows! So beautiful

  • yoly70perez


     7 days ago

    #2 is me got to practice more thanks

  • Law Rence

    Law Rence

     7 days ago

    when she pronounces "are" there is definitely that Arabic accent in there.

  • DanielleTakesPics


     7 days ago

    I was a shadow photographer for a year, a shadow wedding photographer for 2 years, now on year one of being a second shooter (aka still not on my own) at our company. We run into people all day thinking you buy a camera and start shooting weddings the next day. 

    A lot of times the hardest thing for me is setting up the shot. Regular people don't listen like models do, sometimes because they don't understand, sometimes to challenge you, and sometimes because they strait up don't want to do what you're telling them.

    We've had other guests run up after one of us has set up a shot to take a photo on their phone or camera to post as portfolio. We choose the angle, we choose the poses, we fought with the mother in law that it was her sons day not hers and she needed to step back to allow the main focus of the image to be the bride and groom, we physically guided the groomsmen that can't sit still back into his spot 3 times, we ran to the bride to push the veil out of her face, just to have to grab the DJ and ask him to help us find where the aunt went. We have a timeline and time limit to keep to. We've been on our feet since 10am working for this couple. Getting that shot knowing you've got like one chance before the group decides they're done with you while all of this has happened/is happening is the difficult part.

    Taking a photo and not mentioning us is basically plagiarism even if you did all of the settings and stuff yourself!

  • Redhac Studios

    Redhac Studios

     14 days ago

    I did the "practice more watch less" at the start due to that being preached in other videos. It totally hindered me in a sense I had no idea what a ISO was or aperture. I didnt shoot raw. I was doing shoots and getting a bit frustrated due to not getting the shots I wanted or could edit since they were Jpg. I am watching a ton of videos and learned a LOT of what I wish I knew before hand. I only find the "practice more watch less" to actually target a few people... I really hope new photographers watch more videos on basics to learn and even watching critique videos are helpful too!

  • adiya 1

    adiya 1

     14 days ago

    "who caaares" - 5:37 burst with laughter ))))))

  • Jao Heather

    Jao Heather

     21 days ago

    Go out and take photos

  • Kristina Sandnes

    Kristina Sandnes

     21 days ago

    I make my own filters, but all photos are different, so every one needs their own adjustments haha. 🙂

  • Gibson Weasel

    Gibson Weasel

     21 days ago +1

    I remember taking this street photo when the light was amazing!! I put it up on the net! I had people asking what filter I used??? or what app??? I was a bit annoyed to be honest!!! its from my camera!! I took it on manual!! and made it look more moody etc. it wasn't some iPhone trick :)

  • Thanh Thảo Nhi Trần

    Thanh Thảo Nhi Trần

     21 days ago

    Don’t get me wrong by thinking I hate you when I say I don’t like this video. Of course you said it so right because you’re a pro. That’s why you should made it clear in the first place that this video is from a pro to a pro (or basically someone who wants to be a pro). But c’mon, don’t you think a pro wants to make those mistakes? Don’t think so.
    There are people like me who love photography the other way but one way or another, we can’t take it seriously but enjoy it our own way, simply because it’s not our bread and butter.
    P.S: If you still can’t get me, think of what I say the other way around, why do they create presets and filters? It’s because there are still people who are willing to pay for the creators’ hard work. And any hard work should be respected.

  • neverthesame


     28 days ago +1

    I haven't watched your video all the way through, but I already need to say something. I'm 57, a self-taught photographer who is definitely always learning. I've sold some of my photography and even won a few contests! A few years back, one of my photos was on the cover of a small press magazine. That was a real thrill! The reason why I shared that is to show that I am self taught and that even self-taught photographers can do ok (certainly a lot better than me but that's not the point)
    Anyway, even with just a bit of success, it doesn't mean that we can't keep learning from others! Absolutely no one is above learning from others no matter who they are in terms of experience.

    I am so happy that you mentioned the filters right off the bat. LIGHT is what photography is all about. Light!!! So the "filter" question kind of boggles my mind because in my perspective some of the most fun I have taking photos is finding the light that best suits my subject. And ---as I am sure most other newbies know--that light is always different at different parts of the day--duh--but it just means that you have to plan for that when you decide to go out and take photos for the day. The best time of the day to take pictures, in my opinion, is either right before daybreak or right after daybreak.

    That time of day or early evening is truly God's light! Just the way the sunlight reflects off the trees or ponds has an ethereal kind of quality to it. Just capturing a leaf up close that's outlined in the sun's rays --so soft that you can even see the veins through the leaf! Such a simple but beautiful photo!
    Ok...I'm going a bit overboard here...haha Anyway, that you for your forum! You have so much knowledge and experience to share with others, so thank you for that!

  • Ekpo Janet

    Ekpo Janet

     1 months ago

    i totally agree with you

  • Michael Andrew Imagery

    Michael Andrew Imagery

     1 months ago

    Excellent advise, but would stress that you DON'T only shoot in the Magic Hour.

    You need experience in all types of light, and you wont get that in the hour after sunrise and before sunset. If you limit yourself, at some point you're gonna have a job at high noon or the nighttime, or under florescent indoor light, and you're gonna be lost.

    If you have the ability to carry your camera all day, every day, do it. Many people cant, and thats understandable, but if you can, do it. Be known as "that guy/girl with the camera". The experience and opportunities you'll have will blow your mind. Always be ready.

  • Lessandr


     1 months ago

    Thank youuuuu

  • Kiki


     1 months ago

    I got a camera then took a few courses on DSLRs, photo composition, lighting, and photoshop. Photoshop is actually harder than I thought it would be.

  • Marjani Salary

    Marjani Salary

     1 months ago

    So you first said to shoot with different types of light and do shoots that are "different" from what you normally do, then you say to be consistent and only shoot during a certain time of day for softer or harsher light. Uh, so which one is it? Only shoot at a set time of day "planned shoots" or shoot at all times of day for versatility!?

  • BAD3A


     1 months ago +7

    U have to practice 40 hours everyday

    Oh, wrong channel

  • reizza


     1 months ago

    But shooting involves leaving the house, and driving is like being trapped in middle school. lol

  • christopher Hope

    christopher Hope

     1 months ago +2

    Am I the only one who thinks she’s hot. I would shoot photos with her anytime.

  • Paul Bridge

    Paul Bridge

     1 months ago

    Just gotten back into photography, after many years, you got me, watching way to much You tube, and not taking enough pictures, :-) Thx for the video