I'M DEEP in the friend zone...

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/i3Un7Hsu3Us


  • The DDG Family

    The DDG Family

     3 months ago +2695

    100% Just friends. Don’t jump to conclusions. What you see is what u get 🤓 I want more female friends tho. Y’all niggas cool asf lol

  • Karlhenz Casio

    Karlhenz Casio

     13 days ago

    What’s her i.g

  • Darla Bishop

    Darla Bishop

     16 days ago

    In that photo shoot he said "Daamn" lol haha😁😁😂 she bad af

  • Jeremiah Admore

    Jeremiah Admore

     19 days ago

    What's her ig?

  • Khianta Garvey

    Khianta Garvey

     19 days ago

    DDG u and Kennedy was going hella good before she moved to LA...Then everything just changed when she around a whole lot more...TBh!!!!



     21 days ago

    U need 2 raw dog that asap!

  • UncleVsNiece


     21 days ago

    when he said how long you think I fell out

  • LilDeezy Carter

    LilDeezy Carter

     22 days ago +1

    I swear YouTube knows me, I’m going through this and this video in my recommended

  • Simthandile Hudson

    Simthandile Hudson

     23 days ago

    Maybe you both should get counselling. You,her are both young,and try harder. No matter how hard things get, and never give up on unconditional love. Both sides need to be broke down to see what you doing wrong,and need to be improve or how to go about it. Be calm, stay on the same page, and take it one day at a time. But like you said you tried,it didn't work, if you say so,and then okay.

  • Simthandile Hudson

    Simthandile Hudson

     23 days ago

    Why start all over again then to be with someone that you already know, and have a history with? My opinion I think you, and Kennedy should get back together, and work things out. Sometimes being friends with someone else eventually you get feelings for each other. But it might not be what you looking for, just hurt at the moment,and something to do. You moving to quick, take a break, and focus on you for a little while. There will be no other like Kennedy she is the original. She keep it real 💯,loving,sweet, caring, amazing vibe, patient, humble, and strong. Also she has respect,wife material, hard worker,and not all about money. Females will pretend they like you or love you Darryl,lusting, and with you for money. You young, and still have a lot to learn. You are an intelligent, and smart Gentleman. Just be wise honey, and observe a whole lot in life.

  • Kay Macc

    Kay Macc

     26 days ago

    Nah @ 16:00 LMFAOOOOO WTF



     26 days ago

    Bring her back ddg

  • Hanan Saidou

    Hanan Saidou

     1 months ago

    Omg she so preety

  • Marii Mo

    Marii Mo

     1 months ago

    Where she at now DDG

  • Mikehhg FordhM

    Mikehhg FordhM

     1 months ago


  • Lilsmartkid 010

    Lilsmartkid 010

     1 months ago

    I’d just say fuck all these hoes and just make money, at the end of the day money and my mama and daddy is all that matters

  • SG Tube

    SG Tube

     1 months ago

    She looks young😂😑😕

  • iNINJAgamer


     1 months ago

    You will. I heard Queen and YBN Nahmir on the radio a few times. You next!!

  • yungbadkidd


     1 months ago

    i feel we growing everyday everything happens for a reason but don't want to forget it.

  • Tajmair


     2 months ago

    What’s her @