What They Won't Tell You About Zion Williamson

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 11, 2019
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  • JxmyHighroller


     1 months ago +4590

    Due to some changes in YouTube’s upload settings I unintentionally posted this video at 1 am this morning, so I just went ahead and hit the reverse card and re-uploaded it for y’all. For the 9,000 people who watched it for the .2 nanoseconds it was up, get some sleep.

  • jay lee

    jay lee

     4 hours ago

    You can't have it both ways. You want to hype him to the ceiling but then compare his stats to AD in college or katt rookie year. For his hype he needs to avg 22 a game. If not the hype needs to die down some.

  • Cappers Place

    Cappers Place


    This video is painful

  • Hector T

    Hector T


    Zion next lebron never that

  • El-ahrairah



    Its almost as if ESPN is nothing more than a 24/7 advertisement for the NFL and NBA.

  • Jake Bullinger

    Jake Bullinger

     2 days ago

    Where’s the sax🎷 brings back memories

  • Jokers Grin

    Jokers Grin

     2 days ago

    Blew his knee and already done! No college degree will be just your typical 4/5 player in the league. The NBA needs to reform the age of joining the league. The league has become to young and unskilled at times. I rather watch fundamental basketball than just dunks and flashy passes. The best basketball I've ever seen was the apex of fundamentals which were 80s into the 90s. AD while at the moment being one of the best has been injury prone and can't compete a 70-82 game schedule. These youngsters are not physically fit nor are they body mechanically sound which makes them more injury prone. NBA should implement at least having 3 years of college before joining the league or at least the age of 21 due to the euro pipeline.

  • Gokul Nath

    Gokul Nath

     2 days ago

    Soothu kollupu konja kudi pochi aana

  • RiffRaff128


     2 days ago

    My ass AT is 190

  • RiffRaff128


     2 days ago

    He’s 6’8

  • Towmater


     2 days ago

    Don’t forget klay was ranked 49

  • brandon brooks

    brandon brooks

     2 days ago

    Dude you're a complete idiot....

  • thewaronPR


     2 days ago

    Blake Griffin came out of college with a comparable highlight reel, then missed his rookie year with an injury. Came back and was spectacular again, only to get hurt again, this time to the point where everyone agreed his best days were over. Then he adjusted to have what may have been his best all-around season last year.

    J.R. Reid, Wayman Tisdale, and Elton Brand overpowered everyone in college at the forward position in spectacular fashion. They each had all the buzz that could be gotten from highlight reels in their time, yet never replicated what they produced as amateurs when they reached the NBA.

    Sean Kemp couldn't handle the excess weight, Charles Barkley clearly could. Derrick Rose couldn't last four years landing that hard, but the smaller Iverson drove more in a much rougher era, and landed with comparable stress on his knees and ankles for over a decade.

    Steph Curry, who has never been known for his elevation, looked like he was going to be undone by weak ankles in 2013.

    High hopes and best wishes for Zion, but no one knows anything at this point, really.

  • Derrick Johnson

    Derrick Johnson

     2 days ago

    The fact that zion and james are left handed player 9 times out of ten right hand players can't stop a lefty

  • 76ers Highlights

    76ers Highlights

     3 days ago

    Julius randle with athleticism

  • ignited141


     3 days ago

    Honestly, his extremely genetically gifted, his frame is not built exclusively for basketball but has been applied for that.

  • Ruel shakya

    Ruel shakya

     3 days ago

    john collins is higher than klay what???????????????????????

  • TheWhiteWhale


     3 days ago

    Been saying all along Zion reminds me of Larry Johnson. I think a lot of people forget just how athletic he was before the back injury, which was related to a brutal fall moreso than some wear and tear from his weight.. After that he lost his hops and his rebounding went to hell.

  • E46325mod


     3 days ago

    Hey jimmy you are wrong about saying he cant shoot 3's hes actually very accurate and can knock them down, oeople used to say the exact same thing about lebron when he was a rookie, the more he heard that the more he showed hiw easily it was for him to shoot 3's and btw hes 6'6 not 6'5 and hes going to grow hes still a teenager lol I'm guessing hell fill.into a 6'8" body and his weight won't be an issue anymore as I dint thinknhell gain weight even though hell.be taller

  • David Nelson

    David Nelson

     3 days ago

    He will be a bust