The Enigma TNG - Egyptian Night Club

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 7, 2015
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    Artwork by: Marvin Herbring

    © All music created by The Enigma TNG.
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  • bakugan fan 2003

    bakugan fan 2003

     8 hours ago

    This song fits into a yugioh game

  • alexsubscribes



    Sounds like C&C ost.

  • Sir Firetrap

    Sir Firetrap


    Why am I reminded of the original command and conquer hearing this? sounds like the old games just more Egyptian in nature.

  • Brian Frigon

    Brian Frigon

     2 days ago


  • smellyfarts69


     2 days ago

    if i was worth 100 billion dollars i would make an actual club that looked exactly like this picture

  • Questionable Quinton

    Questionable Quinton

     3 days ago +1

    This sounds like a song that would be in Jojo.

  • Jacob Bohannon

    Jacob Bohannon

     4 days ago

    Every time I play Doom, this is my jam

  • Imre Major

    Imre Major

     4 days ago

    reminds me somehow of Batman Beyond

  • Ehemaliges Toastbrot

    Ehemaliges Toastbrot

     6 days ago

    Sounds like Cyberpunk

  • CoffeeFruit


     7 days ago +3

    I think this would make an outstanding soundtrack to a boss battle again a Mecha Anubis (or something mechanical and Egyptian).

  • Green General

    Green General

     7 days ago

    Accidentally smacks the bald bouncer on the head

  • Christopher T Munro

    Christopher T Munro

     14 days ago +3

    I listened to this the other night and I partied with Cleopatra when she was summoned by this song!!!!

  • Stereo Typist

    Stereo Typist

     14 days ago

    Congrads on this going viral!

  • Brian Frigon

    Brian Frigon

     14 days ago


  • Brian Frigon

    Brian Frigon

     14 days ago


  • Winsome Rose

    Winsome Rose

     14 days ago

    WoW very good.

  • Joel Holmes

    Joel Holmes

     21 days ago +1

    In order to special summon anubis god of the dead, you must play the ritual spell card EGYPTION NIGHT CLUB. Sacrifice half your deck, and gain 500 lp for each monster destoyed, after 6 turns you can summon anubis

  • im replying to this comment

    im replying to this comment

     21 days ago

  • Brian Frigon

    Brian Frigon

     21 days ago


  • ★* Panterka *★

    ★* Panterka *★

     21 days ago

    Amazing and magical 😍💕😍