Apple iOS 11: Beta 5 Changes

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 7, 2017
  • A quick look at some of the Beta 5 changes in iOS 11.

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  • Markus


     2 years ago

    1:21 how did you get that Apple logo on the text?

  • Rachit Jain

    Rachit Jain

     2 years ago

    Do you know when the actual ios 11 is releasing

  • LookJem Life

    LookJem Life

     2 years ago

    Iphone 6 or iphone7
    Comment down below and i’ll pick one of you who comment and give free itunes giftcarf

  • White Dog

    White Dog

     2 years ago

    i love your chanel since 2012 you are my fav youtuber, greetings from uk :)

  • IndoVoice


     2 years ago +1

    I love this channel, very interesting and helpful.. Everyone must see my channel, subscribe! and be a part of our giveaway..! •6

  • MYT


     2 years ago

    iPhone 8 mock-up looks


  • Aashish Katragadda

    Aashish Katragadda

     2 years ago

    Does the dock comes for ipad air

  • Luke W

    Luke W

     2 years ago

    The icon for contacts has changed too!

  • Zubair Raja

    Zubair Raja

     2 years ago

    Portrait mode is available on iPhone 7 or not?

  • Federick Bon Javier

    Federick Bon Javier

     2 years ago

    The camera icon. That's what I'm screaming for since iOS 7. It's less flatter than the rest of the icons.

  • Trey Vlogs

    Trey Vlogs

     2 years ago

    The ft camera sounds like google hangouts calling! Who agrees??????

  • SonicMase


     2 years ago

    My iPad Pro won’t update 🙁

  • Dam Lu

    Dam Lu

     2 years ago

    Are you recommend to upgrade to the ios 11 public beta for my new ipad 10.5 inch? I dont want to have a big mistake for will doing that! Thanks!

  • Unwanted spam

    Unwanted spam

     2 years ago

    I love the factime ringing the the most

  • Trey Henry

    Trey Henry

     2 years ago

    I wish i could get ios 11.But i have a 5c. :(

    And its cracked so bad i can't use it and the colors are bars :(

  • thegaygaymerchannel


     2 years ago

    I really doubt Steve Jobs would have approved all these fucking splash screens.

  • Eddie


     2 years ago

    Did I miss something or are you not going to talk about the obvious iPhone 8 model on your table?



     2 years ago

    is that the 8??

  • Daniella Rose Archives

    Daniella Rose Archives

     2 years ago


  • Sha Gojō

    Sha Gojō

     2 years ago

    Apple calls new features new when they are just aesthetics and nothing more than theatrics on their part. Every iPhone is essentially the same. Their business plan is crude where small upgrades cost consumers billions. Greedy pigs