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  • Published on:  Monday, October 1, 2018
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  • Co Och

    Co Och

     1 months ago +8117

    The Russian mother and daughter make me sad. The daughter cares for her mother and said she will always take care of her (never put her in a retirement home) but her mother will only love her from a distance because she’s not straight. So sad

  • B E L L A L E E - B A L L

    B E L L A L E E - B A L L

     1 months ago +2325

    ”i accidentally did heroin once, it was a powder i thought it was molly”

  • L B

    L B

     1 months ago +4303

    I'm sorry but the dad in the green hat cryin' cause his son said he never fucked up... my heart

  • Weeb


     1 months ago +2468

    I laughed when she said "I'll love you, but distantly" but then I realized it wasn't a joke and that made me lowkey sad

  • the min holly water

    the min holly water

     1 months ago +1052

    That Russian mom sounds honestly horrible
    But that gay mom, I LOVE HER ATTITUDE

  • Bear-ly Andrej

    Bear-ly Andrej

     2 months ago +3792

    "How heterosexual are you?"

  • Donnell Brown

    Donnell Brown

     3 months ago +5823

    Daughter: I DONT DO IT ANYMORE!!!! i was was 21
    Dad: (breathe of relief)
    Daughter: now am 22...
    DAD: disappointment intensifies

  • Dads Bike

    Dads Bike

     1 months ago +3616

    Russian Daughter: why didn’t you bring cookies to my kindergarten?
    Russian Mom: sweetie were from Russia we bring vodka to kindergarten.

  • EJ M

    EJ M

     2 months ago +927

    Is nobody talking about the: I WAS LIKE COME HERE MOTHERFUCKER!

  • MaxKiel1701


     3 months ago +3652

    the father of the blonde girl looks so disappointed

  • sister kaylee

    sister kaylee

     1 months ago +284

    im not even gay but when she said "I will love you but distantly" that literally hurt.

  • em hippenstiel

    em hippenstiel

     2 months ago +1001

    son: describe the night of my conception in vIVID DETAIL? DON’T DO THAT PLEASE.
    dad: it’s-
    son: NO

  • Indigo Bleu

    Indigo Bleu

     14 days ago +128

    The russian mother saying “i would still love you but from a distance” and the daughter was like “yep i already knew you felt like that.” is like my biggest fear rn.

  • swift


     1 months ago +623

    The gay mom and the son were the funniest 😂😂
    thank you for the likes it’s the most I’ve got

  • DutchReddits


     1 months ago +417

    When she started screaming “my mom’s gay” i absolutely lost it

  • luke creed

    luke creed

     1 months ago +198

    I like the black mother and son, they really sound close to each other.

  • family guy

    family guy

     2 months ago +401

    Him: 5:06
    playing Xbox
    Person: your moms gay
    Him: hell yeah she is

  • Tanisha Olivera

    Tanisha Olivera

     1 months ago +209

    The girl that said 5 for how gay she was and her mom said she would love her “distantly” thats cold. Im sure shes probably bisexual and just hasnt told her because of that.

  • Murderbation


     2 months ago +240

    The dad that said "that's allot lower than i expected".. i could have seen that 1 coming from a mile away lol

  • Fandom Smoothie

    Fandom Smoothie

     1 months ago +104