CHEAPEST way to PACKAGE Poshmark Orders Like a Pro ( FREE USPS TAPE )

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 4, 2018


    In today's video I share what I have found to be the absolute cheapest method to professionally pack and ship Poshmark Packages- find out how to get USPS tape for free!

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    White Thank You Stickers-
    Brown Thank You Stickers-
    Flamingo Poly Mailers-
    Floral Poly Mailers-
    Label Window-

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  • Solange Mina

    Solange Mina

     a years ago +51

    Thanks for watching and commenting, please don't forget to leave your closet names as well!!

    Side Note: You can get the label windows for free on and while you can get the tape for free online at USPS, the woman I spoke to asked that if you are not using it for the purpose of sending packages to the military, they'd prefer that it not be requested otherwise. But that is up to your own discretion of course! :)

  • Sarah Linley

    Sarah Linley

     14 days ago

    Girl! Michaels does a hot buy where you can get the 80 and 60 count cards for $5!!!!! I just picked up 2 packages of them.

  • Caroline's Here

    Caroline's Here

     14 days ago

    I get thank you cards from Amazon that on the front says thank you for your order have a nice day and on the back it says if you have any problems with your order please contact me and give me the chance to make it good. It is like $8.99 for a hundred and I take a hole puncher and I punch a hole in the corner and put my ribbon through it to tie around a tissue paper I use clear tape instead of thank you tape

  • Jamie Yayme

    Jamie Yayme

     21 days ago

    I don't know about poshmark yet, but as an eBay seller, how do you price your shipping without prepackaging your items? I'm just curious how I can do the same as I really don't want to package things first because like you said, what if I need to get to it again for more pictures or something? So how do you do shipping?

  • Jennifer Rivers

    Jennifer Rivers

     21 days ago

    Poshmark Closet Name: jenn5366932

  • Mama Lisa’s Vlog

    Mama Lisa’s Vlog

     28 days ago +8

    I told my fav posh stores to skip all that waste and just throw my stuff in the box. Why does it have to be wrapped pretty? It’s just going in the trash, which is sad.

  • Funko Infinity

    Funko Infinity

     28 days ago +1

    You so beautiful

  • Cj Robertson

    Cj Robertson

     a months ago

    I have had Poshmark for about a week! I have 35 listings and about 800 followers! I haven’t sold a single item yet! I share my items at least 5 times a day! I also have sales all the time! Any other suggestions to get a first sale? Love your channel!

  • Priscilla Nuno

    Priscilla Nuno

     a months ago

    I’ve never seen or heard of Michaels having 70% off. I know they have coupons for single items for like 25-60%.



     a months ago

    Awesome. You're badass!

  • Star Fire

    Star Fire

     a months ago

    My post office laughed at me. They said you have to buy them. They doy give you anything for free .

  • Faithe Amber

    Faithe Amber

     a months ago

    Hey guys!
    First off, thank you for your videos!
    Second I just recently opened my online accessories boutique called All Things Access. We sell handbags, shades as well as jewelry. Would loveeeee if you guys checked it out. Thank you!
    Insta: @Shopallthingsaccess

  • Mr Save A Buck

    Mr Save A Buck

     a months ago

    Hey Solange & Sister
    I finally called for the prority tape. I just wanted to update you that they ask if you use their box or other boxes and I answered ,I use it for both. I was then told that you aren't supposed to use it on their Priority boxes,just the other boxes(Not to be used to seal the package ,just to identify it as priority.) I was also asked how many boxes I ship a month and how I pay for shipping.I thought that this might be helpful.

  • Monica Dennis

    Monica Dennis

     a months ago

    Those cards are on sale RIGHT NOW for buy 1 get 2 free. It's like getting 66% off so close to your 70% too! Also if people are wanting to be REALLY cheap and efficient, you can type up a thank you note and size them so you fit multiple on one page of printer paper and print them out to put in packages, I use the boxes from USPS, and I put every item into a tyvek envelope which is also free from USPS to protect it from the weather. I don't do tissue paper or fancy cards and I've never had a complaint. SOME post offices will even give you rolls of priority mail tape for free to tape the boxes shut, but it's like pulling teeth to get any from mine. so you'll only have to buy the clear tape you mentioned to tape the labels to the box

  • Wisconsin Girls

    Wisconsin Girls

     a months ago

    What she say?)))

  • thisisaleen


     a months ago

    Hey thanks for all the info!! what do you ship using priority mail, and what do you ship using first class?

  • Kerry Cazares

    Kerry Cazares

     2 months ago +1

    Love your videos the twist&tie bags work amazing!!

  • Lyna Gibbs

    Lyna Gibbs

     2 months ago

    I just found your channel. I'm new to Poshmark and I found this video so helpful ! Thank you so very much for sharing !

  • Shayne Punim

    Shayne Punim

     2 months ago

    I really wanted to see under your packaging- how you folded or rolled items? Do you put paper inside the folded clothes like good boutiques? If you are sending 5 items to one address, how would you pack it? More about what visually your clothes look like when packed!!!

  • Carole Ann Davis

    Carole Ann Davis

     2 months ago

    Ralph Lauren