I SPENT $800 at Sephora Looking For A BRONZER || Nyma Tang

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 26, 2019
  • Hey guys,I was walking through Sephora the other day and decided to see if I could find some bronzers for dark skin. Long story short I ended up spending over $800 on bronzers. Did any of them work? Do any of you have trouble finding bronzers? Video inspired by Too Much Mouth: https://youtu.be/F24T_6QbGOEMake sure to subscribe and turn on post notifications! Love,NymaFind me: Snap: nyma22Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nymatang/Facebook: http://fb.me/NymaTang22Business Email:***This video is not sponsored. It may however contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps support my channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support!***
  • Source: https://youtu.be/iNNTwM_ixHQ


  • Tuepfely


     2 months ago +2594

    When you are whiter than porcelaine but still love to watch Nyma's reviews on the darkest foundation/bronzer/.. lol

  • Amy Katt

    Amy Katt

     3 months ago +3528

    I think Nyma should start a makeup line and become the first brand to include a FULL FACE of products that cater to dark-skinned people. That would sell like hot cakes
    How sweet would it be if a dark-skinned people actually had a 10+ shade range like pale people

  • Erin Anthony

    Erin Anthony

     3 months ago +1675

    how is her camera quality more HD than my vision

  • Kati e

    Kati e

     1 months ago +737

    Kat Von D’s darkest powder shade being pasty white really just sums up her as a person and a brand

  • Elizabeth Giovi

    Elizabeth Giovi

     3 months ago +1335

    Cosmetic companies need to have a shade range from NikkieTutorials to Nyma Tang maybe even beyond both

  • Ash- Bob

    Ash- Bob

     3 months ago +1154

    “No one needs makeup. People like it and enjoy wearing it.”
    HECK YES! Everyone who wants to wear makeup deserves just as much focus given to their skin tone as any other skin tone.

  • charlotte scalese

    charlotte scalese

     3 months ago +720

    Too Faced: "dArK cHoCoLaTe bronzer"
    Nyma: "uh yeah no"

  • Linizzle


     3 months ago +590

    Fenty is coming out with a bronzer for darker skin tones! I hope it works you!

  • Miya 101

    Miya 101

     2 months ago +267

    I’m half WHITE and half black and even I couldn’t use some of these bronzers. In 2019?? Do better smh🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Sophia J

    Sophia J

     1 months ago +216

    As a makeup artist I have learned when someone is of a very deep skin complexion we do the opposite of someone who is lighter. Instead of focusing on bronzing the face (which is hard because there really are no products) we highlight more and let the natural depth of the skin be it's own natural contour which will help create more shadow and dimension. Otherwise with bronzers and contours the skin can have a caste over it making the skin look dull (ashy). This is just something I've learned from working as an MUA and as an Esthetician, but girl I absolutely am in love with all of your videos. I can't get over how beautiful and rich your skin in like oh my goodness 😍😍 much love❤❤❤❤

  • Tori D

    Tori D

     3 months ago +147

    Girl wtf are you doing to get your skin that perfect 😳😳😳😳

  • Just Diys

    Just Diys

     1 months ago +139

    I have pretty basic light to medium skin, but those “bronzers” would just blend into my skin like foundation 💀

  • Gabby Campbell

    Gabby Campbell

     2 months ago +218

    Woww!! That is just ridiculous period 😡 I had no idea it was that bad for deeper skin tones. Thank you for doing this maybe if people keep making videos then they might change

  • Key Lesher

    Key Lesher

     3 months ago +131

    Holy damn first, Nyma, your skin is so beautiful! Also, this is embarrassing for all of those brands. They need to step up their damn game.

  • Barbara Stefanovska

    Barbara Stefanovska

     2 months ago +71

    Honey launch your own line! Show them how it's done! Love you!

  • Jill Maurer

    Jill Maurer

     2 months ago +112

    Wow! Why would they name these names like dark chocolate? I absolutely love this video and love that you did it elegantly and thoughtfully instead of as a rant which most people would have done. My confusion is that beauty is such a competitive and lucrative industry that I'm struggling to understand why nobody has seized the financial goldmine of filling this empty space in the market. xoxo

  • Katherin Nugent

    Katherin Nugent

     2 months ago +36

    There are some companies that their darkest bronzer is literally my shade....I'm a medium light skin tone so these companies need to STEP UP

  • Jasmine Dominique

    Jasmine Dominique

     1 months ago +35

    Literally am in LOVE with you skin color ! I believe you should make a line for richer skin colors! If other brands aren’t willing to you totally should!

  • Adrienne Reimer

    Adrienne Reimer

     yesterday +1

    Literally every single one is just “ok maybe a highlight”

  • Jessica Forristal

    Jessica Forristal

     yesterday +1

    I swear James Charles wears darker bronzer then you have! 😂