I SPENT $800 at Sephora Looking For A BRONZER || Nyma Tang

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 26, 2019
  • Hey guys,

    I was walking through Sephora the other day and decided to see if I could find some bronzers for dark skin. Long story short I ended up spending over $800 on bronzers. Did any of them work?

    Do any of you have trouble finding bronzers?

    Video inspired by Too Much Mouth: https://www.faceclips.net/video/F24T_6QbGOE/video.html

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  • Tereza Frdlíková

    Tereza Frdlíková

     an hour ago

    You’re so pretty <3

  • Honda Rivera

    Honda Rivera

     5 hours ago

    These are terrible! especially I hate how light the HOOLA bronzer, its so light its comedic, I'm a medium brown skin toned woman and literally you can't see it at all. It's invisible. Try Flesh beauty! they cater to a large ranger of makeup-and not just in foundation. :)

  • Mrs.beckybennett3317


     5 hours ago

    I dont understand. If you can make all different shades of browns to black eyeshadows why os it so fucking hard to make a bronzer/contour deep enough for black women!!! This urks my soul!! It cannot be that difficult!!!

  • Emily Blade

    Emily Blade

     5 hours ago

    Wish I had the money to create my own makeup brand so I could create a bronzer for you, because damn this is sad. 😭
    I’m curious though if the Beauty Bakerie Coffee and Cocoa Bronzer would work for your skin tone, or would that be still too light?

  • Yenelly


     5 hours ago

    The second bronzer isn’t even a bronzed shade

  • C


     6 hours ago

    you’re so gorgeous :(

  • Aliah Coria

    Aliah Coria

     6 hours ago

    I’m srry but u would think at this day and age they would have a shade for u

  • lullaby 98

    lullaby 98

     7 hours ago

    Wow how can you be that beautiful

  • alexa gutierrez

    alexa gutierrez

     7 hours ago

    u needa make a makeup company for ONLY dark skinned women

  • Zoha Rizwan

    Zoha Rizwan

     8 hours ago

    She is sooo pretty

  • Weirdo o

    Weirdo o

     11 hours ago

    I feel like you should’ve tried fenty beauty because Rihanna would have more knowledge of darker shades.

  • Nina Stone

    Nina Stone

     13 hours ago

    Most of these bronzer I could definitely get away with using and Im pretty pale!

  • Nelly González

    Nelly González

     16 hours ago

    wth is wrong with makeup brands. I mean, they can make a full rainbow set of everything but not a bigger range of skin color products

  • Nelly González

    Nelly González

     16 hours ago

    wow this girl's skin glows beautiful af <3 Even I care about the skincare I can't make my skin to look like this ;_;

  • Yee Yee

    Yee Yee

     18 hours ago

    Yo issa hyper man set

  • memili demili

    memili demili

     20 hours ago

    Just use black shadow man

  • Michelle Tamara

    Michelle Tamara

     20 hours ago

    Ok girl, you are seriously stunning!!! <3

  • Lilly Ribbit

    Lilly Ribbit


    800? cant u just look with ur eyes

  • Mayumi Garcia

    Mayumi Garcia


    “you guys are lucky” 🥺🥺🥺 that broke my heart

  • Eellooiissee 123

    Eellooiissee 123


    You should try out black bronzers. I can't remember the name but there are black bronzers out there