Tucker: Clinton dynasty crumbles

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 17, 2017
  • Tucker's Thoughts: The society-wide backlash against sexual harassment by powerful producers, actors and politicians finally comes for the Clintons and even former allies are turning against them. #Tucker
  • Source: https://youtu.be/iQrYvdxWEjA


  • al Echols

     1 months ago

    Look we all know that the Clintons are as sneaky as the snake in the garden. I'm sick and tired of hearing all of their junk do something about it!!!

  • James Heinle


    Rebecca Pondoff good call!Hey, btw, what do you think about the protesters calling out against Trump admin. Policy for not "KEEPING FAMILIES TOGETHER" of unidentified or unaccompanied minor children kept in detaining facilities found amongst the traffic of illegal aliens/"assylum seekers....YET while "families belong together" posters up all over the place...no one else can CAN GET DUE PROCESS RIGHTS AND JUSTICE if we are U.S. citizens (oh, for many more+ issues, but).. and C...

  • mr luigi

     2 days ago

    No witch hunts because most if not all politicians have skeletons in the closet,so both sides turn a blind eye.

  • Garry West

     4 months ago

    CONFISCATE every penny they have stolen from this country & as a matter of fact other countries also.

  • Terry Harris

     2 days ago


  • Michael Smith

     4 months ago

    They need to be in jail Bill and Hillary Clinton evil people

  • Jessica K

     13 hours ago

    Michael Smith -Chelsea needs to go too, as well as Clinton’s niece Madonna.

  • Charles Wetzel

     26 days ago

    6 feet under!!!

  • Bass Central

     7 months ago

    Good Tucker! When the Democrats heard about the truth they get NASTY!!!!!!

  • Ginger Seibert

     4 days ago


  • Will Winn

     8 days ago

    DEMOCRATS ARE ANTI AMERICAN leftist liberals socialist NOW days .American citizens should be ashamed of the democrats HATEFUL destruction of OUR country and constitution.Replacing AMERICAN CITIZENS with IGNORANT ILLEGAL foreigners who would accept socialism .No MORE ASYLUM FOR ANY ILLEGAL .NO AMNESTY .

  • erick villagrana

     1 years ago

    Wow Trump destroyed both The Clinton Cartel and the Bush Dynasty. Hes not perfect but dang hes A Legend

  • Releta Ortiz

     3 months ago

    Lies, lies, lies. That's all the Clinton's do is lie. Come on folks, we've got them on videos, doing just that, lying!!!

  • Will Winn

     8 days ago

    A public hanging.

  • Steven Jones

     27 days ago

    Sadly she has too many puppets in power so she will never be locked up, unless someone catches her as a private investigator or something that

  • Jake Bogus

     9 months ago

    Down with all the corrupt Democrat system.

  • Jed Confesor

     9 months ago

    the only remaining part of their story is..how they look like in orange jumpsuit..

  • Madeline Morgan

     9 days ago

    Then Our President can.make fun of remember Bimbos for a change.: And they won’t b the only ones.

  • Elouise King

     13 days ago

    If the the demoncraps, bor stay out of the way.

  • James Betker

     8 months ago

    All I know is if Hillary were in the Oval Office the cover ups and crimes would be ongoing.

  • Will Winn

     8 days ago

    @Requiem Sequence Or involved in a full fledged Civil war.😑

  • Requiem Sequence

     9 days ago

    We'd be Communists by now

  • ThrummerOfLove

     1 years ago

    The Clinton's Fall, will be incomplete, until the Prison door slams behind them.

  • Jpg

     4 days ago

    ThrummerOfLove I would rather see them doing either hard labor for the rest of the damned lives or the worst penalty