We Made & Hand Delivered The World's LARGEST Pizza (Guinness World Record)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 29, 2019
  • Wanted to do a little something different this week, but also keep it with a little knj style. :) this day was amazing. bug shoutout to Ray at Big Mamas & Papa's Pizzeria & Joey @ Midnight Mission for making this video possible.
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    If you'd like to volunteer or donate you can find more information here:

    If you live in the LA area & would like to have the biggest pizza in the world delivered to your house visit: http://www.bigmamaspizza.com/
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    BIG Thank you to Bobby for helping us film & also volunteering his time with staying with us through the entire thing :)
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/iRAetnL8yPw


  • UnicornEmma


     3 days ago

    As someone who does this a few times a year with a group of people it’s great to see you guys getting out there and helping out also to anybody who sees this there are always groups that do this that aren’t a part of organizations they’re just regular people paying for the food out of their own pocket so if you can try to reach out to groups in your area that help feed the homeless and either go out with them or try to donate food or clothes or money that would be really awesome!

  • Abigail Gates

    Abigail Gates

     7 days ago

    Just the other day a homeless guy downtown came up to me, he was very friendly and as he was walking up to me said "don't worry I'm not going to kill you. I just want to see if you had 29¢." And I said that I didn't and only use my debit card and he explained how he's a homeless veteran and was trying to buy food from this restaurant across the street and it costs $10.29 but he only had 10$ on him and I apologized cuz I couldn't help him out and he said he could give me the 10 if I buy the food for him and I was agreed and we got to talk for a bit while waiting for his food he then showed me his Veteran ID card so he wasn't lying which was good and the whole point of me writing this was I felt so good after I helped him and felt bad cuz so many people said no to him before me and even if someone homeless on the streets is begging for money don't say no maybe offer to buy them a meal or a couple of groceries from time to time, it does feel nice to give back especially around this time of year :)

  • Valerie Konecny

    Valerie Konecny

     14 days ago

    Best video yet. I have loved y’all since o2l and I’m just so glad to still be apart of yall because y’all are amazing!!

  • Its_ Angie

    Its_ Angie

     14 days ago

    So sweet guys❤ ..Your the best

  • emn z

    emn z

     a months ago

    woowwwww love that guys

  • V camacho

    V camacho

     a months ago

    Great job 👏

  • avyshan Qorbani

    avyshan Qorbani

     a months ago

    Love u dads💜

  • Chunk Sawastuk

    Chunk Sawastuk

     a months ago


  • Zuceyne Mecos

    Zuceyne Mecos

     a months ago

    i hate how this only has 700k views, this is too pure😭

  • Nicole Boudrot

    Nicole Boudrot

     a months ago

    This video filled me with SO MUCH joy

  • Alexis Chavez

    Alexis Chavez

     a months ago

    Everyone you are loved 😁😘

  • Kaylie Cato

    Kaylie Cato

     a months ago

    I just cried watching this, you guys are awesome ♥♥♥

  • Tru Not So Skilled

    Tru Not So Skilled

     2 months ago

    Omg I love this!!!

  • don’t look behind you

    don’t look behind you

     2 months ago +1

    This video is so sweet. It shows how incredibly kind, giving, and genuine they are❤️😘 but is no one gonna talk about Kian singing at 1:29...? Just asking 🥰😍😋

  • Ashley Camarena

    Ashley Camarena

     2 months ago

    Thank you so much for helping others and using your channel for good

  • Ashley Guay

    Ashley Guay

     2 months ago

    i didn't expect you guys to do something thoughtful for others at the end! Awesome video <3

  • Julia Cortez

    Julia Cortez

     2 months ago

    I'm not crying......🥺 You are. ❤️

  • Kat Ryyn

    Kat Ryyn

     2 months ago

    I feel like most other YouTubers would have tried to eat it with their friends and then throw half of it out, I'm really happy these guys took it to an organization that helped feed people who need it.

  • Mady Navarro

    Mady Navarro

     2 months ago

    y'all crack dads are so amazing!

  • Just a Girl from Canada

    Just a Girl from Canada

     3 months ago

    This made me cry I'm so proud ♥️ this video really made my heart so full and I'm so glad that you guys are not wasting money or food but instead helping people along with creating amazing and funny content