The DISTURBING Onision Problem, YouTube Rewind 2019 Reaction, PewDiePie, BTS, & French Protests

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 5, 2019
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    YouTube Rewind 2019 — For the Record:
    As France Plans Pension Reform, Mass Strike Leads to School and Transportation Shut Down:
    The Onision Situation Explained:
    Chris Hansen’s Channel:
    J Aubrey’s Video Coverage:

    Pelosi Announces House Will Draft Articles of Impeachment Against Trump:
    Melania Trump Blasts Law Professor for Dropping Son’s Name in Impeachment Testimony Joke:
    Pinterest and The Knot WIll No Longer Promote Plantation Weddings:
    Nearly 700,000 People to Lose Food Stamp Aid Under New Policy:
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    Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Katie Calo
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  • Philip DeFranco

    Philip DeFranco

     1 months ago +6217

    The show. ITS TOO BIG! We can't control it. EVERY MAN WOMAN AND CHILD FOR THEMSELVES!!!! Also these kinds of videos, given the final topic sometimes get hit by Youtube so maybe be more inclined to share this episode today. Love yo faces!
    Timecodes: YT Rewind (00:08), France (4:17), TIA (7:53), Onision (9:06)

  • Droemar



    Saying "You need to be punished" for ANYTHING is a giant red flag. No one who loves you willingly wants to hurt you. I don't give a fuck what "mask of virtue" it's under: to improve you, to help you, etc. You DO NOT punish someone you claim to love and are in a relationship with. PERIOD. That's textbook abuse.
    That alone is enough for me to claim probable cause. Look into his phone, his computer. He's got shit, guaranteed.

  • that omnic mechanic

    that omnic mechanic


    Anyone got any funny markiplier vids i can watch....

  • Dustin Whitt

    Dustin Whitt


    The psychological therapy bill after interviewing him would cost more than $10K.

  • Peter Pike

    Peter Pike

     3 days ago +1

    YouTube bans Alex Jones for stating kooky conspiracy theories, which are protected statements under the First Amendment. Onision is credibly accused of engaging behavior that literally breaks federal law. Crickets from YouTube. Yeah, let's let them be the gatekeepers of the internet.

  • SlikSilk 15

    SlikSilk 15

     4 days ago

    I like that your not super loud like most YouTubers, and you actually explain things with actually facts and cut things down which is a god sent for a ditz like me.

    You gained a sub 🖤🤍

  • Job sih

    Job sih

     5 days ago

    Onision looks like a vampire.

  • Strawberrypocky911


     5 days ago

    I want Onision to go to JAIL!!!

  • AL C

    AL C

     6 days ago

    I disliked Youtube 2019 rewind because of the way these top 10/5 videos made it to the top. Youtube’s shitty algorithms silenced great/better up and coming artists in favor or more commercially-friendly channel creators. This is why most of the the more popular youtubers are so 2-dimensional and Youtube shows no interest to fix/apologize/understand this, which i think is pretty upsetting. (Also fuck Onision)

  • DarkWarchieff


     6 days ago

    this man's voice is the most sensual ear sex I heard in years.

  • Da Crammers

    Da Crammers

     7 days ago +1

    sees will smith's rewind time
    destroys like button

  • LonelyKnightOfNi


     7 days ago

    Haven't watched Onision or you since 2012 and damn has your voice changed. Great video

  • Steph


     7 days ago

    Can’t wait for Greg or James or onion or whatever his name will be to try to represent himself in court 😂😂. You’re screwed inion boy. Can’t wait for the jail sentence.

  • Xavior the Owl

    Xavior the Owl

     7 days ago

    This whole Onision situation sounds like a Youtuber version of the Hollywood NXIVM.

  • Art Pak

    Art Pak

     7 days ago

    Lol I am the only one with a brain.
    All these things Onision does are not illegal.
    Why are we believing these “allegations” with no evidence. Lol even Cristiano Ronaldo gets allegations. It just shows Onision fucks WHEN they are at the consent age so nothing is wrong.
    Onision is weird but not illegal.

  • Lisa -

    Lisa -

     7 days ago

    so greg has been problematic, as he's always been
    also he just uploaded a video saying his content was fake and all the bullshit i.e. he fotgot to cropp out the phone number of the patreon

  • Mihai


     14 days ago

    Every time people speak about Onision, he always reminds me about Luka Magnotta. The only thing that I think stoped him to do much more horrible things, is because he is known in the internet. And he knows that will be immediately charged. But one day, sadly, this will happen. This kind of persons, like him, become much more crazy when they become older, so one day, he will give up to yt, to can disappear and make horrible things. But, like always, he will charged after the evil will be done.

  • Galactic Lava Lamp

    Galactic Lava Lamp

     14 days ago +2


    His Patreon was cancelled and Onision is having a totally not fake mental breakdown that is totally real and not fake at all

    Like it’s absolutely a real mental breakdown that is totally not just him trying to get us to feel bad for him so we will give everything back

  • Sithic TV

    Sithic TV

     14 days ago

    How the FBI hasn't taken him down yet is insane. So much evidence and victims saying the same thing from different states, what sick fuck gets a girl pregnant with the intention of getting it killed and then shame the girl? I get the control part if it is a kink but the "no contact with friends or family" thats not a red flag at all.

  • Bannis Ray

    Bannis Ray

     14 days ago

    Horrible granny glasses, too many cuts and wierd deep voice compared to 5 years ago.