The Entire It Story Finally Explained

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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    The It saga is a complex story with a lot of moving parts, and at times, things can get a bit confusing. But don't worry about getting lost in the details. We're here to explain everything you need to understand the full story of the movies made from Stephen King's gargantuan novel.

    The otherworldly being who often appears as Pennywise arrived in Derry millions of years ago on an asteroid. That's kind of all the origin we get from the movies. In the book, It is billions of years old and hails from a dimension known as the Macroverse. In prehistoric times, after arriving on the asteroid, It hibernated until humans appeared, beginning its cycle of awakening every 27 years to feed on people. Its true form, known as the Deadlights, cannot be fully comprehended by human beings, and looking upon them can drive someone insane. Beverly Marsh manages to glimpse them in the first film and make it out with her sanity, though she is cursed with morbid visions.

    It's mortal enemy is even more bizarre: A giant turtle named Maturin, who created our universe. The turtle is a benevolent being of creation rather than consumption. The films opted to omit the turtle, aside from some quick Easter eggs.

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    In the beginning | 0:17
    You'll float, too | 1:10
    Meet the Losers | 2:09
    Love triangle | 3:07
    A bad place to grow up | 4:01
    Pennywise the Dancing Clown | 4:50
    Losers to the rescue | 5:52
    Blood oath | 6:42
    27 years later | 7:27
    Richie's secret | 8:29
    Henry's muted role | 9:23
    The Ritual of Chüd | 10:02
    The final battle | 10:55
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