How Did You Mess With The High School Computers? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 21, 2019
  • ► How Did You Mess With The High School Computers? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)
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  • Storytime With Reddit

    Storytime With Reddit

     2 months ago +69

    Share your high school trolls below!

  • Lyle


     14 days ago

    We were in our form room and there were computers in the room. We went into the bios and blocked all the USB ports and a whole bunch of other stuff including changing the admin password haha

  • CraZy duDe12

    CraZy duDe12

     21 days ago

    Just download a virus and turn it off then when someone turn it on they're like wtf happened to this computer

  • P0lyTechnical


     a months ago

    My school uses macs and after class I changed the keyboard settings from QWERTY to DVORAK. Nobody knew how to fix it until the IT guys came.

  • Fly1ng 5qu1ral

    Fly1ng 5qu1ral

     a months ago

    In schools now you just log in to your Microsoft account and install games from your Microsoft account

  • Eletrix


     a months ago

    me and my friend have bookmark folders on our computers with 300+ of the same link, once my friend opened over 1000 tabs and his computer did not work for the entire day.

    The way you do this is you open 12 or more or less of the same tab(or different) then press ctrl+shift+d to bookmark them all and keep opening it and repeating till you have a computer crasher

    edit: to clarify school chromebooks, not our computers

  • Mr. Stormy

    Mr. Stormy

     a months ago

    I would flip the screens but I forgot how to

  • Wild Willy

    Wild Willy

     a months ago +1

    Our school gave us laptops in middle school so I decided to take my friends laptop home and then I opened up the computer and looked for a kill switched. Took out wires, friend got another free laptop from the school

  • Jack-n-Cheeks


     a months ago

    The computer ate the pop tart.

  • Itsa me mario.

    Itsa me mario.

     a months ago +1

    If he tells the teacher about something that small, he really isnt a friend.



     a months ago

    i made a computer on invert coler

  • Foxzzyy


     a months ago

    6:24 i had that when i was in grade 1-6 but if you spammed enter it would make a really loud beep so my whole class annoyed the teachers everyday

  • TRASH PANDA Gaming

    TRASH PANDA Gaming

     a months ago +1

    One time I literally covered the whole school in a layer of butter exept the ceiling and I just watched the carnage as I walked around in anti slip ice shoes it was hilarious

  • Balto the Husky

    Balto the Husky

     a months ago

    I would remove the metal from keyboard space bars and made it no long usable

  • ligma boi

    ligma boi

     a months ago

    ( not high school but middle school ) in 8th grade I made “virus” that would spread using an exploit that the school hadn’t patched on the WiFi the virus was inspired by the creeper virus as in it would make a notepad that said try to catch me I am the beeper so yeah I really messed with the IT guy and the school didn’t like that...

  • Thomas Crouson

    Thomas Crouson

     a months ago


  • Daniel Chapman

    Daniel Chapman

     a months ago

    I hold a device at my school powered by raspberry pi that you search any file on, download it, and use these port things to charge iPads wirelessly to send it to one. I made the first one, now everyone has one.

  • Skinny Wenis

    Skinny Wenis

     a months ago

    1: my friend somehow managed to get admin on our school issued laptops (it involved contacting hp to give us something to access something that was blocking admin, surprised he came up with it). From that point on I would log onto my admin user and enjoy minecraft, steam, and spotify.

    2: during our study lab in the library, the same friend had a wireless usb mouse that we would plug into the library pc's and fuck around with the person using it. They were bussies sometimes and I had to go plug it in while the person using it wasn't paying attention... good times

    3: oh and he also ddos'ed the entire school once, just for fun

    4: and he managed to get chrome open while we were doing the staar test (a bitchass test that's mandatory every year)

  • Gracjan Baryla

    Gracjan Baryla

     a months ago

    I started a minecraft lan party with 6 people and bypassed the filters. Still playing to this day without getting caught

  • Marius Berger

    Marius Berger

     a months ago

    Installed Ubuntu on 2 of the 15 computer without the teacher noticing (we used win7)