Colin Cloud Is Sherlock Holmes on America's Got Talent | Got Talent Global

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 27, 2018
  • Watch America's best mind reader Colin Cloud on America's Got Talent 2018. Is it real magic? What did you think of his mind reading auditions and all performances?? Let us know in the comments below...

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  • jack Ibagbaga

    jack Ibagbaga

     20 minutes ago

    i think the trick was on the coin where he already knows which hand has is even before asking questions so he knows exactly where to put the right names at the right hands to come up with a white cat named oscar

  • Emily tran

    Emily tran

     32 minutes ago

    I mean like the first trick everbody yelled so he can choose any animals or names cause you can't really hear one specific thing when everbody is yelling

  • Samuel Lee

    Samuel Lee

     4 hours ago

    This dude obviously hacked into Derren Brown's MacBook

  • FrancesSB


     4 hours ago

    10:22 EVERYONE! LOOK AT THE LOWER RIGHT HAND CORNER OF THE SCREEN AT THAT OTHER BLONG GIRL!!! OMG I FEEL SO BAD FOR HER!!! she thought she was getting called on, until she turned around, and her associate tells her "I think he's talking to that girl over there, honey" she just awkwardly sits back down! COMEDY GOLD!! (ALSO-he probs knows the blondie in the black shirt and jeans! anyone else recognise he from his first performance???)

  • HoI iM TemMiE

    HoI iM TemMiE

     5 hours ago

    I like Mel’s accent :) and I like how so badly she wanted to kill Simon 😂😂

  • vishal kumar

    vishal kumar

     6 hours ago


  • Priyanshu Sharma

    Priyanshu Sharma

     6 hours ago

    You are unbelievable 😵😵

  • ninjaman5j5


     9 hours ago

    you know most of them I could pull out how he ended up doing it, however that last one got me.

  • Omkar Reddy

    Omkar Reddy

     10 hours ago

    Mel played an important role in all the tricks. Her secret, she got to pick the audience member, she picked the tweet.
    well, I'm guessing Mel got paid more for these episodes.

  • Mr Dave

    Mr Dave

     10 hours ago

    12 14 84
    Jackie Mandell, his daughter
    Born December 14 1984

  • Mr Dave

    Mr Dave

     11 hours ago

    Older women are hot.
    She's 10x more attractive than Tyra.



     11 hours ago


  • Jax Blade

    Jax Blade

     12 hours ago

    subliminal messages

  • fixed


     12 hours ago

    Clearly staged you can’t look at someone’s face and know their entire life

  • David N

    David N

     12 hours ago

    7:16 she orgasmed

  • random gaming freak 8

    random gaming freak 8

     12 hours ago


  • random gaming freak 8

    random gaming freak 8

     12 hours ago

    He looks like jacksepticeye

  • hoodinithe best

    hoodinithe best

     13 hours ago

    0:37 she looks like lena paul

  • Emily Taylor

    Emily Taylor

     13 hours ago

    Really, Howie? Daughter's birthday for an unlock code

  • slimey bunny

    slimey bunny

     15 hours ago

    Poor cat