Bumblebee - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 18, 2018
  • A Transformers pre-boot starring everyone's favorite transformer Bumblebee! Here's my review for BUMBLEBEE!

  • Source: https://youtu.be/ijLt7FOqPV0


  • helio cmbyn

    helio cmbyn


    the intro of the movie is better than the 5 bay movies

  • Super High Doug Judy

    Super High Doug Judy

     7 days ago

    Hope they introduce all of Bumblebee's brothers in the sequels. Bay failed to do that..
    Stumblebee - he missteps a lot
    Tumblebee - falls a lot
    Fumblebee - he has butterfingers
    Crumblebee - gets hurt a lot
    Rumblebee - likes to fight a lot
    Humblebee - more than capable a warrior but thinks lowly of himself.. Prime always has to reassure him
    Jumblebee - gets confused a lot

    I'll be waiting..can't wait



     1 months ago

    i find myself laughing my ass off at just thinking of bay shoving a bat in his ass after striking out lol

  • Flying V

    Flying V

     1 months ago

    The kid who plays the brother is the same kid from Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Long Haul. Think about that for a second.

  • WTF Am I Even Doing?!?

    WTF Am I Even Doing?!?

     2 months ago

    I really liked this movie

  • Peribot the superior

    Peribot the superior

     3 months ago

    I love this review WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY more than Tyrone's stupid review. You nailed it Jahns! 👍

  • 1280mperez


     3 months ago

    Cliff jumper... RIP.

  • Metalhead10000


     3 months ago

    Would’ve been better had the movie not encouraged interracial crap.

  • aviator2492


     3 months ago

    This was a good Transformers movie for sure, different look and feel .
    Great moments, grounded just pacing itself for an even better sequel. Let’s go back to Cybertron a lil and eventually more stuff on Earth with equal share of both robots.

  • Er Sturdevant

    Er Sturdevant

     3 months ago

    I hated this movie with it's blatant star wars "help us obiwan" moment. Horrible movie.

  • k k

    k k

     3 months ago

    You cloud pick ANY of the micheal bay Tf movie and thier better then this one. Why? Bcuz atleast MB attempted to make somthing new & entertaining 🤯 this ENTIRE movie was on the Nose

  • Johnny Cotton

    Johnny Cotton

     3 months ago

    Picked it up on blue Ray the other and LOVED it

  • SavagePhantoms 9000

    SavagePhantoms 9000

     4 months ago

    Bumblebee is a prequel to the Transformers movies.

  • Buck Weet

    Buck Weet

     4 months ago

    Movie sucked.

  • Silhouetto of a Man

    Silhouetto of a Man

     4 months ago

    I thought this movie was pretty good, if not a bit clichéd at times. At least the two leads didn't lip-kiss at the end.

  • Yason You

    Yason You

     4 months ago

    I really loved this film!

  • nixon gatuguti

    nixon gatuguti

     4 months ago

    Literally the worst movie i have ever watched

  • Kim Demegillo

    Kim Demegillo

     4 months ago

    It's refreshing. Excited to these new saga and for the future Transformers movie. Charlie and Bumblebee has awesome chemistry. Great Job Hailee!

  • JuiceManVon


     5 months ago

    This movie was trash.

    I'm not sure what movie the reviewer watched, but what he's talking about isn't what I saw.

    The first 5 mins of the movie were good and then it got worse till the end credits not to mention is how neutered Bumblebee was until the very end which leads me to think that the movie was geared towards families and mainly little kids.

  • nexgen1701


     5 months ago

    Ok so Jahns is now getting paid by the big guys to make favourable fake reviews...This was SJW crap and the reason my friends and I no longer go to the cinema!