Trump Calls Elizabeth Warren 'Pocahontas' At Navajo Event | The View

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 28, 2017
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  • D Lee

     1 years ago

    Meghan is incapable of seeing things from another's person's point of view. Andrew Jackson is a problem for the Native Americans girl and the ceremony in front of that portrait is a problem.

  • Christina

     11 months ago

    I'm a Democrat, and I can't imagine they couldn't have gotten a more open minded conservative on the panel. She seems like a stick in the mud.

  • life and other stuff

     1 years ago

    This Megan girl always gets angry she never listens Lord

  • Karl MACH

     1 months ago


  • Ritzy Ritz

     1 years ago

    She TAUGHT at Harvard Law School.

  • Corry Tuskey

     1 months ago

    @Gary Cassibryunless none of youre ancestors are native american... dude, its not like DNA diffuses through a population simply by being near people....

  • Drew Peacock

     1 months ago

    And that's why this country is plucked.

  • Karen I

     1 years ago

    Elizabeth Warren was a Professor at Harvard not a student, you fool.

  • Computer User

     2 months ago

    You mean Pocahontas has a degree?

  • Darrell Dawson

     7 months ago

    It's never a good time to call people derogatory names!! And anyway what business is it to Meeeagain!!

  • Florence Love

     1 years ago

    Meghan is so wrong. Back when Elizabeth Warren went to school they didn't have stuff like or anything like that. I grew up thinking I was over 50% German, I thought I was at least 75. My sister went to and it turns out I'm only 6% German! My whole life I've heard I was mostly German. I have more Spanish or possible Portuguese in me than German. So I honestly believe Warren. She probably did grow up hearing she had a lot of Native American in her.

  • Forsythia17x

     23 days ago

    @Future Trunks That's pretty cool that you know her so well. 👍

  • MagicBus101

     1 years ago

    As Family Guy characters say to Meg, I am saying to Meghan, "Shut up Meghan."

  • Fortnite Nation

     13 days ago

    Shut up meg😂

  • The Logical One The Logical One

     1 years ago

    WJB Motown"Today, what is front and center for me is opening up of the national wildlife monuments to mining, oil and gas companies and how terrible this is for future generations." I agree with you with some exceptions. That said, let me ask you, Why does this concern you? "Many of these national treasures are the last places on earth where many threatened animals live." Examples?"Comedy put aside...." That was a fair statement given what you were saying w...

  • Urban Actors

     1 years ago

    Senator Warren didn't go to Harvard law school, she received her law degree from Rutgers School of Law, Newark. She taught at Harvard. Uh, why is Meghan McCain even on this show. You can't be both pretentious and uninformed at the same time. #WTF

  • herrlebensfreude

     4 months ago

    Well as she states, "I am highly educated." She only has an undergraduate degree in art history and nothing further. She also states that she has been doing politics for twenty years. She has no degree in political science or international relations nor has she ever held any public office, but I guess the nuances of politics is passed from her father to her? I really do not perceive that, and I know she worked on her father campaign.  Just because you work in a kitchen, that does not make...

  • akathehnic

     9 months ago

    She taught at Harvard and was given that job by saying she belonged to a minority group.

  • Dean Goodhue

     1 years ago

    Megan if you love the military how come you did not join the military

  • Okie Rider

     1 years ago

    Did anyone notice how Trump held this fiasco of a ceremony in front of a certain president's portrait, who signed the Indian Removal Act, in the background? The hosts of 'The View' were great for bringing this up during their discussion.

  • Aish Mohan

     1 years ago

    Meghan get your facts straight and stop interrupting 🤦🏾‍♀️