Guess Who Has a Criminal Record #2 | Lineup | Cut

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 7, 2019
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  • orrin moore

    orrin moore

     3 months ago +16990

    The guesser who had been to prison was very good more of him please!

  • Jew Keli

    Jew Keli

     1 months ago +5025

    Here she go pissin off a dude not knowing he was charged with attempted murder... she changed her tune quick

  • Cici Symone

    Cici Symone

     1 months ago +4067

    i feel like sis with the red shirt was kinda rude to some of them 🤨 ( just my opinion ) .

  • McsTube


     1 months ago +3254

    So do you have any criminal record?
    Girl 1: no
    Girl 2: nah
    Guy: I’m known for robbing an armored truck

  • not dipper pines

    not dipper pines

     1 months ago +2160

    Hat guy: "attempted murder..."
    everyone in the room takes a step back

  • Airasite


     21 days ago +3278

    Red shirt girl is that one annoying kid in school who judges the hell out of everyone. I tend to stay away from ppl like her...

  • Feliciti


     1 months ago +2010

    after his gang life, the"goofy guy" went into the anime world, we can see it 😎

  • My Dad's Sandals

    My Dad's Sandals

     1 months ago +1202

    With the meth lady you could just tell... she really does have that meth look

  • Local Weeb

    Local Weeb

     1 months ago +1134

    That girl in the red shirt was kinda rude like damn be nice

  • alexandra zimmermann

    alexandra zimmermann

     21 days ago +651

    When the girl in the braids replied with “White Privilege” , it must’ve made that lady feel so uncomfortable and foul...
    I don’t think she should’ve said that :/
    Very unnecessary...

  • Mythical


     21 days ago +351

    The red shirt girl has such a smug look about her. I would definitely avoid her at school

  • Crowned Shorty

    Crowned Shorty

     21 days ago +440

    "I'm known as the one who blew up taco time" ID LOVE TO HAVE THAT TITLE

  • kylee lerue

    kylee lerue

     21 days ago +521

    The girl with the jean jacket is so cute! She is so sweet!

  • Ethan Toews

    Ethan Toews

     3 months ago +4079

    You should make a real cop guess who has a criminal record

  • That's So Kate

    That's So Kate

     21 days ago +143

    aw I felt so bad when that girl said the guy was creepy--that's like the saddest most insulting thing to say. I don't know whether to laugh or cry ahhh i feel bad

  • Avakin Liyah

    Avakin Liyah

     1 months ago +397

    Producer: do you have a criminal record?
    Both girls: No
    Boy: I was known for robbing a armored truck.

  • Ecstasy Dealer

    Ecstasy Dealer

     1 months ago +407

    That braids girl can go I can’t stand people like her

  • M3 M3

    M3 M3

     21 days ago +345

    Duuuude the Girl in the red sweater was so rude

  • Dansaurous


     3 months ago +11686

    The dude with the white shirt is so sweet. You can tell he's so open and he's not judgemental because he's been in that place before. Props to this dude.

  • Shade Empress

    Shade Empress

     1 months ago +260

    " I got a dui...or 3. And robbery. And burglary. And attempted arson."