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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 28, 2019
  • Imma need my bag asap. But until I get what I'm due... appreciate the golden NBA 2K memes.Watch my pro am vid if you missed it:► SUBSCRIBE:► TWITTER:► INSTAGRAM:
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  • Grinding DF

     2 months ago

    NBA 2K...i'm waiting forMascot size to be fixedOld rep systemLeaderboardsDelaying to be nonexistentAnd a bunch of other things I dont feel like typing but yall can fill it in for me👇😂

  • iEnvy Lyon

     19 days ago

    If Delay didn’t exist I’d play 2k everyday

  • cool Person

     24 days ago

    Amateur park pro park elite park?


     2 months ago

    You are now Fanum's ChairLike to undo

  • DatOneKid Vids

     1 months ago

    brace for impact

  • Super Saiyan Hyper

     2 months ago

    It’s a fate worse than death

  • Very_Rare_XI

     2 months ago

    Agent why you so sweaty? Did you just face 2 locks or something?

  • Brainybeejay

     1 months ago

    For real

  • Legend__ 21

     2 months ago

    It's cuz he always got a hat on and a jacket💀...and why doesn't he just put on the A.C. or a fan?

  • ツChaseYoBag

     2 months ago

    you don’t understand the great power of Hedo Turkolu, he is the only man who can defeat Thanos

  • Raime

     28 days ago

    @Big Whoosh that still makes no sense... The upgrade prices have always been the same... If u think its goin up its cause ur droppin $$

  • Aiden Abreus

     28 days ago


  • Xavier Feliciano

     2 months ago

    2k need to add the ability to commit technical fouls so when a post scorer gets me mad instead of hitting my wall I can rock him

  • Justin Robinson

     2 months ago

    Anthony Reyes I personally didn’t care cause if you push I’ll push but I can shoot better than a post scorer just shoving so it’s not a good combo cause I’m shooting lights out plus you’re getting pushed

  • Anthony Reyes

     2 months ago

    @Justin Robinson cause not everyone wanted shoving out?

  • Nigeriandon

     2 months ago

    You will be rich af $ (I got some nice a$$ beats on myyyy yt pageeeee :3)👇🏾Make this blue to activate

  • James Hawk

     2 months ago

    FrEsHvRaVaN who is tht in ur profile pic

  • Rayyan Tirmizi

     2 months ago

    Nah I’m fine

  • Matthew Dearnley

     2 months ago

    Just so you know Hedo Turkoglu is basically a 6”10 speed boosting stretch 4

  • turtles

     2 months ago

    @No Name it's when you do a dribble move and then sprint with the hand that ends the dribble move.

  • No Name

     2 months ago

    Matthew Dearnley lmfao autocorrect but fr wtf is a speedboost

  • RonSnipes Gaming

     2 months ago

    Whoever did that Magic Johnson meme and R. Kelly pass to the wrong person is the GOAT #IMDEAD #hilaaaaarious

  • Itsyaboytyler

     2 months ago

    Agent: finds funny realistic meme of 2k “That’s so acreeat

  • DeadShot

     2 months ago

    Remember Agent in the early 2k17 days. Man those were fun

  • Nasz1rYT

     2 months ago

    Juice DxdShot on god