The day I almost freaking died

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 9, 2017
  • Guns are serious...and if you don't know how to use them, don't own them.
    Also...cromple domp tipple nips

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    Outro Song used/ My favorite Song:
    glu70- Reach your destination
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  • sol porter

    sol porter

     3 years ago +24399

    I just realised you're a huge douche

  • Emmanuel Mensah

    Emmanuel Mensah

     an hour ago

    Are you the bro of mark



     4 hours ago

    You do sound like marketplier lol

  • Emmalee Key

    Emmalee Key

     5 hours ago

    For a second i thought i clicked the wrong video lol.

  • Frostcat


     5 hours ago

    You know Matin Luther King Jr. saved you he didn't want any more peaceful People die

  • Breath Of The Fire

    Breath Of The Fire

     7 hours ago

    you crit me

  • Galaxy Gamer 4973

    Galaxy Gamer 4973

     12 hours ago

    did u tell yo parents?

  • Thatone Guy

    Thatone Guy


    I started tripping out till I listened closer

  • monicalopez408



    I thought I click a markiplier vid

  • JSC Films

    JSC Films


    This reminds me of the time when I was in a parking lot of an apartment complex and branch out my shotgun from my trunk to impress my girl who nearly shot two kids who were leaving the place, we bolted right after and went to jail for 10 years

  • Dabbin Iggy

    Dabbin Iggy


    there thugs

  • Paco Gomez Rainbow

    Paco Gomez Rainbow


    I thought that I tapped on the wrong video XD

  • Barhino 09

    Barhino 09


    I thought it was markiplier

  • Daan Huisman

    Daan Huisman


    0:00 i didn't even realize that that was you at the beginning



     2 days ago

    at first i was like: wOt I cLiCkEd On A MaRkIpLiEr ViD? oH wElL

    then i was like: oh ;w; U SOUND ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE HIM!

  • Briannas FNAF singing battles

    Briannas FNAF singing battles

     2 days ago

    Treat all guns like its loaded evan if its not u never know what could happen

  • Beast Master

    Beast Master

     2 days ago

    bro i thought it was a markiplier vid

  • :P


     2 days ago

    The "hillbilly" Looks like Cheetos from flamgo

  • Elijah Gonzalez

    Elijah Gonzalez

     2 days ago +1

    Mark: U look a lot like me

    Adam: Daddy??

  • Crazy catgirl666

    Crazy catgirl666

     2 days ago

    At the beginning, I thought I was watching the wrong video