Unmixing Color Machine (Ultra Laminar Reversible Flow) - Smarter Every Day 217

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/j2_dJY_mIys


  • SmarterEveryDay

     1 months ago

    If you're interested in seeing a stationary tripod shot here's one on the second channel. Consider subscribing to the second channel while you're over there. https://www.faceclips.net/video/57IMufyoCnQ/video.html

  • Arshaam Kabeer


    Will that work with honey

  • I-Love-CO Mountains

     2 days ago

    Re: the book, also look up Mumia Abu Jamal and Leonard Peltier

  • TRIP Snail

     1 months ago

    Son: dad, why is my sister called rose?Dad: because your mom loves rosesSon: thanks dadDad: no problem, laminar flow

  • paintballmonkey666

     8 days ago

    that made me laugh more then it should have

  • TheAbc45678

     14 days ago

    Son: Dad, why is my sister called Rose?Dad: because I love the Einstein-Rosen Bridge.

  • Emily

     a months ago

    The more times destin takes his hat on/off is a positive linear correlation with his levels of excitement

  • 0623kaboom

     9 days ago

    he should just leave the hat off so it doesnt block the view every time he looks in ...

  • Liehan Els

     28 days ago

    Why isn't this pinned

  • Dumdadum76

     25 days ago

    Destin: do not fast forward!Editor at 4:42 : 3x fast forward.

  • Jean Pierre Polnareff

     10 days ago

    Ali raza shut up

  • Shubham tiwari

     14 days ago

    He edits it himself.

  • Jonathan Holden

     10 days ago

    Just watched this. It looks like you lost count both times and only did 6 revolutions either way. Regardless, it was an impressive fluid dynamics presentation. Thanks!

  • Charlotte Cunaud

     14 days ago

    I’m french and your pronunciation of Couette is actually right so good job ! 👍🏻😂

  • Gen Li

     11 days ago

    Charlotte Cunaud that one is easy for us! :)

  • Kamran Beg

     1 months ago

    Don't fast forward see it in realtimeFast forwards the video himself

  • Dallin Gordon

     19 days ago

    @NetAndyCz Look at the end of his behind the scenes video.

  • Jake Wagner

     12 days ago

    So Taylor expanded on Couette's work, that's a Taylor Expansion then. I knew it.

  • Hal Wakka

     23 days ago

    Not that often you see someone get so excited that they lose track of counting at 5.  :)Edit: Got a bit further into the video, he lost track again!

  • Joseph Jordan

     14 days ago

    He lost track twice and it couldn't have been more perfect lol

  • Hal Wakka

     19 days ago

    Touché... I DID play some ukulele back in grade 1 but that probably doesn't count.


     1 months ago

    “Don’t fast forward this video”Me: Challenge accepted

  • Charlie Odom

     28 days ago

    Destin...Challenge FAIL! lol!