2 BIG Updates Coming SOON to Minecraft (Ray Tracing, New Combat Changes)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 20, 2019
  • New Minecraft Ray Tracing Update with NVIDIA and More New Combat Update Changes!

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    Minecraft 1.14 the famous village and pillage update has brought so many new players to this game. However, mojang never stops making improvements to Minecraft! Today we discuss 2 new huge minecraft updates that will be coming to the game. We got a new snapshot to the combat update the Jeb has been working on. He explained that the combat update will not be the next themed update. It will only be released when it is time to do so. We are going to find out about the next Themed update in a few weeks at Minecon!

    The other major update is that Minecraft is partnering up with Nvidia to create a new ray tracing graphics setting. Ray tracing is this super awesome new tech that allows you to really bring minecraft into real life. I can't wait to get these into the game!

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