On Cars - Your Email: Why new car break-in is still a must

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 20, 2018
  • I bet the dealer didn't go over your new car's break-in procedure with you, leaving you to dig it up on page 79 of the tediously written owner's manual. We answer your email about new car engine break-in. Read more here: https://roadshow.co/f05cSs

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/j8xJwgyR0FU


  • Gatos Master

    Gatos Master

     7 months ago

    Best way to break in a new engine is to redline it all the way out of the dealership and then redlining it again after every stop light

  • FryChicken


     11 months ago

    What about people that swear by breaking in engines by gunning them?

  • Avery Kucan

    Avery Kucan

     a years ago

    No no no! There are special brass additives for the break in oil that MUST be there until the first oil change interval.

  • Samuel Kinyanjui

    Samuel Kinyanjui

     a years ago +1

    Also consider doing a REVIEW ON
    GLE 63s Coupe 2018

  • Samuel Kinyanjui

    Samuel Kinyanjui

     a years ago

    I am requesting that you do a review on Range Rover 2018 Autobiography or the PHEV.
    Most of the Reviews I have seen on YouTube are not good enough. Yours is always detailed, clean with sharp clips. It is easy to understand and helps me understand the product better.


    If you could do the 2, that would be extremely awesome.

  • Ed


     a years ago

    I would check on your theory of changing the oil when the break in ends. Last I heard there is special chemicals in the oil from the factory to aid in breaking in the engine and should be left in as the manufacturer recommends.

  • Vegan Cyclist

    Vegan Cyclist

     a years ago

    some people use several back to back WOT passes to break in a motor, so.... no. Just drive like a normal person. Dump the oil early. call it a day.

  • John Gyver

    John Gyver

     a years ago +2

    Great video. But what if I buy a car from someone who didn't follow these rules? (I guess there is no way to check if he did it.)
    What kind of engine malfunction should I expect? What's the most common?

  • AAlmohannad


     a years ago

    BMW M cars say that, engine and diff oil change after break-in period

  • JaySee5


     a years ago

    For brakes, you're supposed to hard stop, but not full stop to break-in the pads. Your advice is wrong.

  • Paulo Moniz

    Paulo Moniz

     a years ago

    break-in is done in the factory you don't need to make it.

  • Paul Affenita

    Paul Affenita

     a years ago

    He’s 100% spot on!

  • Giuseppe Marotta

    Giuseppe Marotta

     a years ago +11

    Oil change during break in may not be a good idea depending on the manufacturer. I believe Honda and perhaps others have a specific oil which conditions the engine to ensure proper break in and "seating".

  • Burning Gas

    Burning Gas

     a years ago +3

    You have to drive your new Car as normal as you will drive every day. Just dont baby it, exellarate and brake as you will commute from A to B as usual, and you will No issues at all, because your new car will Adapt on your driving Style. Easy as that :)

  • Ivan Vojt

    Ivan Vojt

     a years ago

    If you have a lease you probably don't care. Take it easy for the first 1000 miles. None of this "lets see what this baby can do BS". Don't tow. For most vehicles it's probably 3 tanks of gas to get to 1K. Change the oil / filter @ 1000 even if you have "free oil changes" just pay for this oil / filter change yourself. Always run a Full Synthetic. Unless you lookup the manufacture date you have no clue how old the oil is in your vehicle. My wife leased a '18 RAV4 Hybrid. It was manufactured 9/17, leased 3/18.

  • Michael Pavia

    Michael Pavia

     a years ago

    I like your last point about the early oil change and your the only one I’ve heard say that... there was one guy I saw on a Toyota form say that he changes his first oil and gear oils half of a full interval. Makes sense from what you said.

  • Zach Huneycutt

    Zach Huneycutt

     a years ago +3

    Buy an electric car and you won't have to worry about all this crap.

  • niacal4nia


     a years ago

    New clutch need braking-in too.

  • D brandon

    D brandon

     a years ago +1

    Thank you so much for adding the changing of the oil after the break in period. The Toyota dealership told me that I don’t have to change the oil at 1000 miles on our new car and I said yes I do. Same with my Jeep Turbo.
    I checked the oil filter after the change on the Jeep after 900miles and it was full of visible metallic material. Second oil change nothing. On some very high performance cars the engines are dyno and chassis dynod prior to delivery to the dealership but normal cars aren’t. Great video!

  • Mrchevy baja

    Mrchevy baja

     a years ago +1

    my chevy volt broke its engine in itself. I think.