Kingdom Hearts II (PS4) - Final Boss: Xemnas + Ending & Secret Ending (Level 1/No Damage)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 23, 2017
  • Here is the ending of kh2fm on critical mode level 1. This is every form Xemnas has. I also included the secret endings. The first secret ending can be unlocked by simply beating the game on critical mode (there are other ways to do it on other difficulties that I'm not aware of). The other ending requires you to beat the game after you get the gold crown for Sora. I had to mute most of the song for part of the ending because of copyright issues. For anyone who just wants to see the fights, I'll leave a timestamp for all of them below

    2:26 - Xemnas 1
    14:13 - Armored Xemnas 1
    21:56 - Dragon Xemnas
    26:31 - Armored Xemnas 2
    30:37 - Final Xemnas
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