Human Headphones Just Changed The Game

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 30, 2019
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    Human Headphones are the World's first true wireless over-ear headphones.

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  • Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy

     2 months ago +3507

    What's more futuristic? Human Headphones or the bone conduction headphones from this video -

  • no spam please

    no spam please

     10 hours ago

    10x more cool then Apple buds

  • no spam please

    no spam please

     10 hours ago

    black man, white woman... every 2010s product! change my mind

  • FlyingPixxel


     13 hours ago

    AUX is the future

  • Wakasagi



    Wack attack. Nowhere near as snazzy as the air pod pros...and if you don’t you know!

  • Alberto Moreno

    Alberto Moreno


    Honestly I'm glad I subscribed

  • gerson carrillo

    gerson carrillo


    what watch are is he wearing?

  • ll-HoLeStEn-ll


     yesterday +2

    White Shoes .................... Calm Downn 👋

    Whoooops , wrong video 😁

  • Jeffrey Arroyo

    Jeffrey Arroyo


    Fire like that you could use it as speakers

  • Jackson Nichols

    Jackson Nichols


    These actually suck fat, thick, hard, throbbing, big, black, dick

  • Mooketsi Motlhala

    Mooketsi Motlhala


    Do the new razer headsets

  • Arjun Bhat

    Arjun Bhat

     2 days ago

    what phone is that?

  • jack barrera

    jack barrera

     2 days ago

    How much did they pay you to say this?

  • AJ376


     2 days ago

    I think that after some hours your ear will hurt because of the weight of the headphones

  • Topro 4Runner

    Topro 4Runner

     2 days ago

    I want a white pair so everyone thinks they are made by Apple cause you know Apple has to make everything in white for some reason

  • Eduardo Gotay

    Eduardo Gotay

     2 days ago

    If they came up with a better design they would blast. Not gonna lie I dig them

  • Leon Harwood

    Leon Harwood

     2 days ago +2

    Dude you can tell hes forcing himself to say the positive things he did

  • Jayson Reyes

    Jayson Reyes

     2 days ago

    In winter that one is good 👍👍

  • TamperSwitch


     2 days ago

    o.o ...wut

    They looks fabulous 😂 I can’t fucking get over this

  • Daniel Allen

    Daniel Allen

     2 days ago

    Look into multiple videos. Unbox says yay, flossy says trash. All others are like it's good and okay. So, we're looking at another beats. Over priced equipment with decent sound quality.