The HU - Wolf Totem (Official Music Video)

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 16, 2018
  • Official music video for 'Wolf Totem' by The HU.Pre-order / Pre-save the new album 'The Gereg' - The HU on Spotify: The HU:Instagram: #WolfTotem #HunnuRockManagement:Tuga Namgur - Friesen - Gadas Film© 2018 Dashka Productions
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  • The HU

     7 months ago

    The “Хас тэмдэг” (“Khas Temdeg”), aka swastika in western culture, is a sacred symbol to our culture for thousands of years. As late as in 1924 Mongolian paper currencies displayed the symbol. We've noticed that the symbol on our instruments has been drawing unforeseen negative views. We create our music for everyone in the world without any exclusions. All we want and hope to do is "Inspiring others with Courage!".

  • Tom Tom The Pipers Son

     3 hours ago

    Weii said. 💪

  • Stephen DeKoning

     3 days ago

    Don't buckle under the strain of the uneducated Masses, please help be teachers to show more.

  • oggy and the cockroaches


    Played this song to my iguana. He's a dragon now.

  • john wallers


    Now play it to your GF. But just in case keep a safe distance.

  • Lisa L



  • гадкий Я


    Халун мендэ Монголчуд. From Kalmykia

  • Caleb Dunn

     2 days ago

    If this isn't played in the new Mulan movie I will literally cry

  • Jack Adams


    fun fact, Mulan is Mongolian, Disney lies

  • David Youngquist


    And now you know why the Mongols conquered most of Asia. Love this!

  • ChaingunCassidy


    And a great deal of Europe.

  • Sang-fantôme

     1 months ago

    China started building another wall because of this.

  • Ghengis Khan

     4 days ago

    the fucking better have, them chongy bois are getting raided again by us.

  • Oleg Zharov

     5 days ago

  • Test Pc


    Showed this video to my cat, it is now a head banging lion.

  • Orgil Sambuudorj


    The lyrics of this song is a fragment of Mongolian ancient poem from XV century

  • Scott K


    This got me pumped. If I weren't in a wheelchair I'd have been jumping.

  • Azrael

     2 days ago

    Don't understand a single word of mongolian, but bad ass music!