I Crossed Countries by Sea in a Zorb Ball & You Won't Believe What Happened (Zorb at Sea Challenge)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 5, 2017
  • After I spent the night on a lake in a zorb ball and it was insane (sleep on a lake challenge) I decided to step it up a notch by attempting to crossed countries by sea in the same zorb ball! I try to survive in the zorb ball while crossing from the UK to france, I also tried to sleep! I call this the zorb at sea challenge and you won't believe what happened…

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/jTDFzZmj5IA


  • Joe Baines1501

    Joe Baines1501

     5 hours ago

    Isn’t this kind of illegal tho?

  • Rice Boy69

    Rice Boy69

     5 hours ago

    The reason you felt sick was because the CO2 didn’t go anywhere. It just stayed inside the ball.

  • Gracinha Silva

    Gracinha Silva

     7 hours ago +1

    Someone believed this video

  • kauã Natal

    kauã Natal

     9 hours ago

    Quem veio pelo Felipe neto deixa o like

  • Syed Abdullah

    Syed Abdullah

     19 hours ago

    Once upon a time in Zoo

  • Ham Sani

    Ham Sani


    Gak Ngerti Bahasa Indonesia Dong

  • Cool Panda

    Cool Panda

     yesterday +1

    (i know im late)
    Him: has at least 2 days of oxygen in his bubble
    Also Him: I rEaLlY nEeD tO uSe As MuCh Of ThE OxYgEn In ThE tAnK aS pOsSiBlE

    Edit: Timestamp: 9:18

  • Dvo.TryNotPro GAMING

    Dvo.TryNotPro GAMING



  • RLC Revolution

    RLC Revolution

     2 days ago

    You are immortal false

  • Vy Trần

    Vy Trần

     2 days ago

    That is not funny seriously

  • Vini Aguirra

    Vini Aguirra

     2 days ago

    Vim pelo Felipe Neto kkkkkkkk

  • † Vitin ツ

    † Vitin ツ

     2 days ago


  • Antonius Tabuni

    Antonius Tabuni

     2 days ago

    thats fight yoman bro

  • Rajeshwari Dundur

    Rajeshwari Dundur

     2 days ago

    Nice joke

  • Silent but Deadly

    Silent but Deadly

     2 days ago

    What if he has to take a mondoduke

  • chicken fox

    chicken fox

     2 days ago

    Next video: going to russia using paper boat

  • Isamar Cordova

    Isamar Cordova

     3 days ago

    Image if you had to take a poop or pee.YIKES.

  • Fancy Bucket

    Fancy Bucket

     3 days ago

    8:31 me after going through a treacherous journey to my fridge and back

  • Mnz_Shadow_ Bombz

    Mnz_Shadow_ Bombz

     3 days ago +1

    If a great white shark pull up,its over

  • Tam Nguyen

    Tam Nguyen

     3 days ago

    How do you get enough air in the bubble