Cops Called to Investigate Smell from Abandoned House Didn’t Expect to Find This

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 15, 2019
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  • Claire banjo

    Claire banjo

     3 hours ago

    Did anyone else spot that 6 minutes and 52 minutes through the video there was a chicken on a tortoise?🤔🤔😮😮😮😮

  • RaiZdbyDINGOES


     18 hours ago

    Should have been called "shit tortoises" because they look like a shit balls

  • unicornkuteykat


     19 hours ago +1

    I thought it was dead fish

  • Ghost Bleach

    Ghost Bleach


    Who thought it was a snake egg

  • Lamby Boy

    Lamby Boy


    Videos to Long!!

  • Assulta n

    Assulta n


    They don’t have no habitat

  • AoK DøN Ent

    AoK DøN Ent

     3 days ago

    I thought it was turtles taking a shit rolling that stank dank😭💯🤔

  • Camilia Zeperone

    Camilia Zeperone

     3 days ago

    I thought they were coconuts from the thumbnail--

  • Vicky Dee

    Vicky Dee

     3 days ago

    People suck.

  • Jasmine Osborn

    Jasmine Osborn

     3 days ago

    At first I thought it was cow crap

  • Jesse Bradham

    Jesse Bradham

     4 days ago

    Thought it was bags of weed lol

  • $H0-TyMe


     4 days ago

    The story bro😂😂

  • cathy coleman

    cathy coleman

     5 days ago

    Turtle army go turltes

  • kaitlyn paenga

    kaitlyn paenga

     5 days ago +1

    Takes ages to get to the point. Skip to the end

  • L M III

    L M III

     6 days ago

    Free the tortuses / Free tortuses!

  • T3aond3ckk Fohwatch!ngmyT3a

    T3aond3ckk Fohwatch!ngmyT3a

     6 days ago

    They Talking to fucking much get to the point!! they got to identify and let you know what this one and that one do shit.

  • 00 2

    00 2

     6 days ago

    I thought it was a turtle i was gonna bring my plastic straws

  • Junior Foster

    Junior Foster

     6 days ago +1

    Just fucking get to the point already

  • Saniyah Bowers

    Saniyah Bowers

     6 days ago

    I like turtles 🐢

  • carmen vang

    carmen vang

     7 days ago

    poor babies this just fucking sad!