Stephen Colbert's Cyborgasm: CES 2019

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 18, 2019
  • Optimus Prime chairs, wifi-capable wood, and smart bras. Stephen recaps the International Consumer Electronics Show 2019.

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  • GregoriusMagnus


     7 months ago

    That's some low res logo with bad filtering :D

  • TheBestPortal


     7 months ago

    Can you stop appearing in my recommendations? Thanks.

  • ErykaSoleil


     7 months ago

    Okay, I would love a tv screen that could roll up; partly for storage convenience, and partly because it might be light enough to not injure a child who managed to pull it down. (Yes, you can anchor a tv to the wall, but children can be ingenious about circumventing safety efforts, and the weight of a small child + the weight of the tv being pulled can be more than some anchors—and walls—can handle.)

    Also, I would shell out money for something that could tell me my accurate bra size at any given time, without me having to make a special trip to some store that knows how bra sizing works, and/or having to get someone to help make sure my tailor's tape is lined up properly for measurements. Have you ever looked into bra sizing? IT. SUCKS. And your breasts don't just stay one size; they fluctuate with hormones changes (both period-related and not) and incremental changes in water retention. And the sizes aren't even industry standard, so your size may be different from one brand to another, assuming you don't need some less-common size that isn't as easy to find (God help you if you have this issue). . . . I despise trying to find my bra size.

  • aditsu


     7 months ago

    It IS pronounced "jif" though :)

  • MattVacc 37

    MattVacc 37

     8 months ago


    C: Consumer

    E: Technology

    S: Association

  • Smashing Pots

    Smashing Pots

     8 months ago

    I thing the Digital doo version had a better opening.
    The content is about the same

  • Nikoli Sokov

    Nikoli Sokov

     8 months ago

    This moron is definitely not funny, but he is certainly very stupid!

  • That kid 246 Uis

    That kid 246 Uis

     8 months ago


  • SinqWhyMMMcccas


     8 months ago

    Category sports

  • Serious Viewer

    Serious Viewer

     8 months ago

    Gosh, Whatever happened to the liberated, libertine ladies of the "Burn the Bra" movement? Are their daughters and grand-daughters now rebelling by buying bras?

  • Unzip the Freedom

    Unzip the Freedom

     8 months ago

    We are real

    Oh yeah yeah



     8 months ago

    I'm sorry I can't afford to leave a comment, since I didn't get any of my paychecks due to the shutdowns. thought a guy with a smart ass can pick anybody's opinion wirelessly.

  • Begob


     8 months ago

    He really had to sell those jokes. Gawd bless Murica.

  • wejdan alahmadi

    wejdan alahmadi

     8 months ago

    the smart bra would be really helpful . Victoria secret should invest in it.

  • _Paws_


     8 months ago

    Waiting for Linus' to comment...

  • Ricky LaFleur

    Ricky LaFleur

     8 months ago +1

    We are here to take over YouTube join the rebellion for the next 30 days I will spam every video on trending a new era has begun

  • randomitis89


     8 months ago

    the smart bra is from the intimates store that i work at, Soma. We started using it recently and its been super helpful. The app that goes with it is pretty good too. Btw, it measures up to 44H. We are busty-inclusive :) lol..i sound like an ad. oh just excited to see anyone acknowledge anything from Soma^_^

  • Constace Edwards 86

    Constace Edwards 86

     8 months ago

    Listen this is all fun and games but I'm telling you people it is time to pack up and it is time to leave the United States we are at spiritual warfare read Revelations immediately this is a warning from God the Great I Am please Children of the Lord pack up it's time to leave it is time to go I've been watching a lot of stuff and I just can't take it anymore whatever I see on my YouTube I am I'm just saying it time to leave United States it is time to leave the United States

  • marvelouspino98


     8 months ago

    Battle Ready Armor is becoming real

  • Gekyume


     8 months ago +3

    Oh yeah yeah