Film Theory: Wall-E's SECRET Villain (Disney Pixar's Wall-E)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
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    What if I told you that the Earth being ruined with garbage in Wall-E wasn't an accident? That is was all a big SCAM being run by the one organization set to benefit from it. That's right! Today Theorists I am going to show you how good 'ole BnL ruined it for everyone!

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  • Thomaz Figueiredo

    Thomaz Figueiredo

     7 hours ago

    Awesome insight! Wish you had also mentioned the fact that the EVE and the earth survey program are only “for show” because as soon as the plant is found a whole emergency protocol kicks into gear, THAT SAYS A LOT ABOUT THE UNDERLYING INTENTION! They literally don’t want humans to go back!

  • Tyler fort awsome night

    Tyler fort awsome night

     10 hours ago


  • Jack Skatter.

    Jack Skatter.

     16 hours ago

    When i was in business school first thing they told us go green its not only good for the environment its good for your wallet in the long run. Along with the government will pay you for recycling

  • Andreas 123

    Andreas 123

     18 hours ago

    Though the population is growing, so we produce more waste

  • Gabriel


     20 hours ago

    Where are all the other starships? If one ship has 600k people and there are 7 billion people on earth. And at the end of the movie only one ship returns to earth...

  • Clarissa



    1:31 banana peels arnt trash!!! It's part of the banana fruit is not trash it can be decomposed are you dumb lmao

  • BNL1



    Mat pat: makes a theory about wall.e

    Everyone else: ITS JUST A MOVIE


    Everyone: thank goodness

  • shmo jo

    shmo jo


    This is why companies are legally forced to split once they become too big. Monopolies are illegal. at least in the states. Verizon's done it at least once that I remember.

  • Madelyn Brown

    Madelyn Brown


    The check was from fnaf his enemy

  • Peter Siegel

    Peter Siegel

     2 days ago +1

    There is a big big big problem with this theory!!! While yes they may be able get at peoples life savings this way as you suggest (emphasis on “may”), it would be worthless. Money’s one and only value is as a intermediary for economic exchange, meaning it only has value if you have someone to trade with who also used the same money. In this scenario B&L is literally the only producer of goods and services!

    This means B&L is proving goods and services that are universally valuable to the people on its ships and the people are paying for those goods and services with money that’s literal one one only use is to buy things from B&L. Hence there is nothing B&L can use the money for other than maybe cycling it back though this micro economy by paying passengers to work, but this would not be sustainable for very long.

    In an economic cycle production always comes before consumption, so while the passengers are consuming resources and paying B&L to provide them using money, there is nothing for B&L to consume hence it has no use for the money so it get no value out of this arrangement!

    TLDR: B&L is providing people with goods and services and the people are giving them basically nothing of value in return.

  • Harvey Da Layton

    Harvey Da Layton

     2 days ago

    It’s super obvious kill Devil be it now

  • Jor-El Tan

    Jor-El Tan

     6 days ago

    If they take everyone's money,what do they do with it. There's no use for the money anymore because they own everything

  • John Doe

    John Doe

     6 days ago

    I don't think you understand distances.... trash is not transported hundreds or thousands of miles away. the entire united states is only like 2,500 miles across a latitude. your garbage gets transported like just outside city limits, or if you live in LA, just out on the street.

  • Monroe Robbins

    Monroe Robbins

     6 days ago

    So instead of just us as individuals being wasteful (I mean, we can do better, but think about it), the message is about corporate greed and big companies destroying the world because they want quick bucks! And instead of them actually trying to fix the problem, they used the most aggressive of architecture to blind the public from what’s actually happening! They’re not even cleaning up the milk they intentionally spilled!

  • John Grasso

    John Grasso

     7 days ago

    so much danny devito and pokemon jokes

  • bianian8


     7 days ago

    How Democrats solve problems :)

  • Jon Mount

    Jon Mount

     7 days ago

    Jesus Christ stop making so fucking dramatic

  • No subs with no vids

    No subs with no vids

     7 days ago

    At 10:05 shawty lookin bad

  • Howdy Partner

    Howdy Partner

     7 days ago

    Welp bye Delaware

  • trxnspxrnt


     7 days ago

    Walt is probably rolling around in his grave because of you