Irish People Try Durian Fruit Candy For The First Time

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 31, 2018
  • Irish People trying durian (apparently the world's smelliest fruit) candy and snacks...we're sorry, gang!
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    Durian is a popular fruit in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand. Widely regarded as the world's smelliest fruit, it's apparently illegal to open one on a plane. While some people think it has a sweet taste, many compare the odor to sewage, rotten flesh or....a dirty bottom. So of course, we had to see what our Irish People thought of these snacks made from Durian fruit..

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  • The TRY Channel

    The TRY Channel

     a years ago +1215

    Fun fact: There was only supposed to be 3 pairs for this video, but the universe works in mysterious ways...some higher power wanted eight Irish People to try these tasty treats, clearly...😉

  • Paul Petersen

    Paul Petersen

     12 hours ago

    I think another Durian fruit try shot should be shot. Need Dermot, lolsy in it as well.

  • David Fuller

    David Fuller

     15 hours ago

    I just want to mention that if you go back far enough, Donal was in the Facts video on Surstromming. He can deal with that, but not Durian.

  • T M

    T M

     22 hours ago

    The Try Guys should try the Noni fruit next.

  • PriestofCards



    I'm cryin' over here. ROFL!!!

  • Walter K Bauer

    Walter K Bauer


    I came here for the schadenfreude, and stayed because of the

  • Hinata Uzumaki

    Hinata Uzumaki


    I’ve eaten fresh durian before and I can confirm EVERYTHING they’ve expressed its like cold onions and cream i can’t describe it any better than that

  • Kenny Paul

    Kenny Paul

     2 days ago +1

    Next video they should try the “Jack Fruit.”

  • darren marchant

    darren marchant

     2 days ago

    dip them in chocolate and send them to Good Mythical Morning.

  • Mezzuluna Jones

    Mezzuluna Jones

     3 days ago

    Not azz flavor.. please picture me rolling over here. I'm 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😱👻😂

  • Kathryn Ashworth

    Kathryn Ashworth

     4 days ago

    I tried durian in Singapore, once I got past the smell the texture wasn’t pleasant. At least I can say I’ve tried it, so can turn it down if I’m ever offered it again.

  • Finnabair


     4 days ago

    I always imagine who the first person to taste durian was... I mean, who picks up one, smelled it and thought "mmm... I should taste it!"

  • Finnabair


     4 days ago

    My whole self screamed... "NOOOO DON'T DO IT!!" when I saw the title.

    Too late!
    I can't watch... ~gags~

  • Tony Cordero

    Tony Cordero

     4 days ago

    Poor justine

  • Bah Saff

    Bah Saff

     5 days ago

    Well now we know someone just ate someone's ass. Bunch of idiots

  • Cooldude Awesome

    Cooldude Awesome

     5 days ago +1

    I dont think that fruit is in the states

  • Chelsea Martin

    Chelsea Martin

     6 days ago


  • Chelsea Martin

    Chelsea Martin

     6 days ago

    I literally almost pissed myself when he burped lmfao he looked so sad HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • southpaw20_


     6 days ago

    durian is my favorite fruit for fuck’s sake

  • Nothing


     6 days ago

    "I wanna say it tastes like shit but i dont eat shit on a regular basis"
    Sooo just sometimes?