Grandayy's Meme Awards 2018

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 4, 2019
  • Celebrating the best memes that helped make 2018 betterBig thanks to VoiceoverPete for hosting the ceremony! to PewDiePie__Twitter ► ► ► ►
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  • VoiceoverPete

     5 months ago

    Well worth the wait! I’m so excited! This marks a historic event by a history maker.

  • WDSA

     1 months ago

    VoiceoverPete I love you

  • Sem Natha

     2 months ago

    That How Mafia Work

  • Lawrence Brewer

     5 months ago

    Plot twist: Voice Over Pete *IS* Grandayy

  • Nintencat

     13 days ago

    Grandayy isnt Voiceoverpete and neither pewds he is a whole different entity Grandayy I know you see this so tell them you are not them!

  • Rain 라켈

     16 days ago

    DashMakuru that’s better

  • Noisestorm

     4 months ago

    When the first award you win in your musical career is best meme animal 🦀

  • JustaCarbide736 TM

     29 days ago

    You made crab rave? U r my hero

  • Zennor_ YaBoy

     1 months ago


  • SpaceFlye

     5 months ago

    Here's to hoping Avengers: End Game is just as meme-able as Infinity War was.

  • Vincent Ramilo

     19 minutes ago

    End game is absolutely as meme-able as infinity war, maybe even more.

  • The Mountains

     25 days ago

    It’s been memed more

  • Slick Dick Rick

     5 months ago

    13:37 length is how you know they’re og meme quality

  • Niknejm

     4 months ago


  • Magma YT

     4 months ago

    Why did I click

  • † Masterhp †

     5 months ago

    Losers watch Hollywood awards, I watch this.

  • yeet_man

     14 days ago


  • JustaCarbide736 TM

     29 days ago

    We are winners we watchin this

  • IRL Moments

     5 months ago

    This is why TV is going to be dead real soon.The Internet is *WAY* too creative.

  • Jackson Sears

     2 days ago

    Jay Gtz truth!

  • Adam Apostol

     4 months ago


  • jojo

     3 months ago

    I'm sooooo proud of Sans for wining an award and for megalovania for making it into top 5

  • ImAWeird Stickman

     5 months ago

    This is the real YT rewind. Well, second from Pewdiepie's.


     9 days ago

    First is pewd then other you pu♋♋y

  • Panthers 2123

     2 months ago

    Laurence Gabriele Avelino 69 likes

  • Nick Rice

     5 months ago

    I personally feel Big Chungus was overlooked