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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 4, 2019
  • Today, us mere Muggles will take Pottermore’s official sorting hat quiz and officially find out which Hogwarts houses we belong to!

    Leave a comment and let us know which houses you think we *really* be sorted into!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/jqwTMcih_rk


  • spencer scott

    spencer scott

     9 hours ago

    can we not h8 n hufflepuff sooo much you no cedric diggory and newt scamander are hufflepuff right? plus who doesnt want a hufflepuff friend.

  • Jasmine Bentley

    Jasmine Bentley

     15 hours ago

    I have the same shirt Damien has lol that’s amazing!

  • Asher Aka Emberlynn

    Asher Aka Emberlynn

     19 hours ago

    Hey quick question, What website did y'all use?

  • DaUnicornPlayz


     23 hours ago

    :OOO Damien is wearing a Izuku Midoriya shirttt!!! I luv Dekuuuuuu I even cosplay himmmm 🥦🥦💚💚✨✨

  • Lulu



    This is very off topic but can we appreciate Damien's shirt?

  • Lady Phoenix

    Lady Phoenix


    I'm proud to be a Hufflepuff. And it was Helga Hufflepuff who created all the recipes of the food served at Hogwarts. Some of us Hufflepuffs work our magic in the kitchen.

  • Wolf Lord

    Wolf Lord


    I'm a Huff. Our common room is near the kitchen. Eat your heart out bitchez

  • Mars !

    Mars !


    The hufflepuffs in the crowd vibrating

  • Lucy Heagle

    Lucy Heagle


    I'm a Hufflepuff and I personally think that we are pretty cool.

  • Truth FACTS

    Truth FACTS


    Hey look Courtney's cleavage or boobs are showing and out again. Cause shes that untalented and shallow she needs to bank on her boobs....

  • Squeezy Jibbs

    Squeezy Jibbs


    No one:
    Olivia: DAWN IS THE MORNING???

  • Weirdo



    15:56 Damien, how dare you! Have you never heard friggin John Coltrane????

  • AsianPower Gaming

    AsianPower Gaming


    Omg I’m a hufflepuff and Ik Courtney was joking I think but she just called my house a p**sy

  • Jory Vance

    Jory Vance

     2 days ago

    Ravenclaw for life!

  • Star Light

    Star Light

     2 days ago

    I know I got to say it but dude I love your deku shirt

  • ItsMaddie


     2 days ago

    I literally remember one video when the squad went to Harry Potter world and Courtney said she was Ravenclaw??

  • BloomingTaro Heroes And Generals

    BloomingTaro Heroes And Generals

     2 days ago +1

    How do you feel, Olivia? Olivia: HORNY

  • BeliebersCult


     2 days ago

    OI Hufflepuff is not a bad one to get

  • Drake Hall

    Drake Hall

     3 days ago

    My litter pony Olivia hates friend ship

  • todoroki cun

    todoroki cun

     3 days ago +1

    OMG Shane watches my hero academia toooooooo