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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 4, 2019
  • Watch the best auditions on World's Got Talent 2019. Checkout the best of the best and all the auditions we all know and love.
    What did you think about the auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...

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  • Ender Qacha

    Ender Qacha

     14 days ago

    I like the one that ended at 19:38

  • Eric Tran

    Eric Tran

     21 days ago

    It so hard to pick who go through, so many talented individuals.

  • Kopie


     21 days ago

    at 20:00, when this guy started, my balls went to my stomach, literally hid.

  • Mathew Peter

    Mathew Peter

     21 days ago +1

    I love this show. Their stage is unbelievable! 2nd to NONE. What China has done with AI is beyond comprehension. Then those AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL judges! Having lived in China it is so good that shows like this present the true nature/ gentleness, emotional, elegant nature of Chinese people. An ancient culture that really is so far ahead of the rest of the world that countries like USA which has ZERO culture that can be learnt from or admired will NEVER understand or compete with. Even Europe/UK have lost their cultures and are today controlled by a perverted/evil minority. Bravo to you China! The most beautiful country in the world and a nation of amazing peoples!

  • 我操死了那个跪在倭奴胯下吃屎喝尿和吸允精子的精日粪子-胡继光-和他的洋奴爷爷胡耀邦与贱畜全家!


     21 days ago

    为什么这里的中国裁判都是女性,而男性的裁判却是个色咪咪的白人老头? 又是个典 型西方人主导的东西!

  • Rational Thinker

    Rational Thinker

     28 days ago +1

    WOW WOOOWW... is that Jackie Evancho now???? She’s the Most beautiful Singer Ever.......

  • micheal stephanie

    micheal stephanie

     1 months ago +2

    Alex Sword swallow guy, I have watched several of his performances. This is my favourite

  • Mark Khaw

    Mark Khaw

     1 months ago

    The "human spider" is interesting and unique.

  • Luma world

    Luma world

     1 months ago +1


  • matt attack

    matt attack

     1 months ago

    what is the womans name that sang in the video. she has the most beautiful voice ever

  • swahili speaker

    swahili speaker

     1 months ago +3

    Dahm the world has so many talents y don't we protect it and love each other.

  • Fumi Yama

    Fumi Yama

     1 months ago

    16:57 This could be a great backdrop, scenery for a wedding

  • Jonathan Vince

    Jonathan Vince

     1 months ago +1

    Beat this world as this is worlds best got talent. I have to say the other talent people backing each other and audience amazing not forgetting the judges.

  • UXAIR Khan

    UXAIR Khan

     1 months ago +1

    I never seen like this before honestly no words

  • UXAIR Khan

    UXAIR Khan

     1 months ago +1

    Chaines language r hard but beautiful language.💟 from pakistan.

  • UXAIR Khan

    UXAIR Khan

     1 months ago

    The landing was amazing.

  • Gina B.

    Gina B.

     1 months ago

    Buwis buhay grabee 😯😳

  • Suresh Sagolshem

    Suresh Sagolshem

     1 months ago +1

    OMG last one

  • m ld

    m ld

     1 months ago

    the hall in china which city? so huge

  • Breanne Doria

    Breanne Doria

     1 months ago +1

    Where do they find these people!?
    They're unbelievably talented!! (((;ꏿ_ꏿ;)))