GIANT Collective Thrift / Goodwill Outlet Haul to Flip Online!!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 6, 2019
  • A huge collective from the Goodwill outlet, and some thrift stores to sell on ebay and Poshmark! Enjoy! Ebay Store: Instagram: @streetsavvy_ Poshmark: @streetsavvy_
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  • Dana Melchor

    Dana Melchor

     7 days ago

    Do people really pay this much for thrifted stuff? I'd just go thrifting myself!

  • Hans News

    Hans News

     14 days ago

    How come this video got 200k views while the rest only get less than 10k

  • Ulu Petersen

    Ulu Petersen

     21 days ago

    Kappa’s logo isn’t back to back ladies, its actually a man and a woman😅

  • Kori Garbison

    Kori Garbison

     21 days ago

    Why buy clothes if you were not planning on wearing it !?! I can understand why you would sale the clothes if they didn't fit !!

  • Jill Lindley

    Jill Lindley

     a months ago

    I've been told that pit stains will go away if you wash and lay it to dry in the sun. Haven't tried it myself, but worth a try for sure

  • Avery Nelson

    Avery Nelson

     a months ago

    sissy making bank 🤭😂✨

  • idc


     5 months ago

    Ur so cutee❤️❤️❤️

  • Lily Rudling

    Lily Rudling

     5 months ago

    You’re hair is really pretty 🌻

  • Charlene Tuli Falepouono

    Charlene Tuli Falepouono

     5 months ago

    Do you do a special packaging for people who buy? Or do you just put it in a box?

  • Melinda Watters

    Melinda Watters

     5 months ago +2

    Plz do a video on "How to send someone an invoice!"
    Love ur videos!

  • Sandra Spirko

    Sandra Spirko

     5 months ago

    Good going getting such deals... you have a good eye for finding clothes for pennies. But I will say your prices are pretty steep. Lots of what you showed i can get straight from the stores on their clearance sections for half or more the prices you have. Not being mean just letting you know your busy may boom more if you go a bit cheaper. The fact that you are selling mostly used clothes you should try to compete more with stores clearance prices. I bet they would go quicker for you.

  • Grateful Queen

    Grateful Queen

     6 months ago +3

    I'll say it again, HOW does she find such amazing stuff at the BINS?! I find good stuff, but not these brands!!

  • matthew thacker

    matthew thacker

     6 months ago

    porsche is vero on ebay they will put a hold on your account for 3 days.

  • K Garcia

    K Garcia

     6 months ago

    What's the best time to go to outlet?

  • Adena Jacob

    Adena Jacob

     7 months ago

    Can you do what sells for how much you bought it for and how much you sold it for video.

  • Vickie OGLESBY

    Vickie OGLESBY

     7 months ago

    If you must sell what you find on eBay or whatever...I wish fucks like you wouldn't post your shit on YouTube.. because now Goodwill is greedy.. has risen the prices of their unwashed ass clothing so much that really poor people that need something to wear for a job interview or just need clothes when they can't afford regular stores..fucks like you has made it hard for them..all they can find now is scraps that a dog wouldn't wear displayed out front. I hope people like you get a skin disease or a case of crabs that you never get rid of..I hope all Goodwill products give people skin diseases and vermin so bad that they will get sued and maybe they will bring their prices back down...they are supposed to be a non profit place...NOT a wannabe regular clothing store that sells used and nasty clothing at a rip off price...shame on you assholes..quit posting your shit on fucking hurting assholes.

  • Dora Patterson

    Dora Patterson

     8 months ago

    people usually shoot each other during war lol (operation desert shield sweatshirt).

  • discopants and haircuts

    discopants and haircuts

     8 months ago

    The Vince cardigan, score!

  • Life's Crazy With Chris and Kasey

    Life's Crazy With Chris and Kasey

     8 months ago +11

    Okay babe can we be friends like I resell full time and my friends won’t do it with me so I hustle alone turned 44 dollars at goodwill bins into 2754 dollars 💵

  • crystal rosales

    crystal rosales

     9 months ago +1

    Thrift haul videos are my favorite!! Plus I get to see what other people are selling