Trump Does NOT Have Temper Tantrums

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 10, 2019
  • Donald Trump flew to McAllen, Texas today to make his presence felt at the U.S./Mexico border. Trump was joined by acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Jared Kushner. He is threatening to declare a National Emergency if he doesn’t get the money for his wall. While he was in Texas, Trump also held a border security roundtable where he treated officials gathered there to a lesson on the history of the wheel. Trump also got into a he said-they said with Democrats after he stormed out of a meeting yesterday with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Schumer claimed Trump threw a temper tantrum, so Trump lashed back calling him Cryin Chuck, because nothing says “I didn’t throw a temper tantrum” like throwing another temper tantrum.

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    Trump Does NOT Have Temper Tantrums
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  • Coconut ScienceGirl92

    Coconut ScienceGirl92

     an hour ago

    When did a wall work though? I mean didn’t the Great Wall of friken China fail a lot?

  • Larry Jackson

    Larry Jackson

     an hour ago

    The Senate Republicans must protect Trump like you would protect your 80 year old grandfather with dementia. He belongs in a home.

  • Jeremy Backup

    Jeremy Backup

     2 hours ago +1

    Trump does not have 'Temper Tantrums'. He has the 'yugest Temper Tantrums!'.

  • Jean Chung

    Jean Chung

     2 hours ago

    Most idiotic President ever.

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    Ricardo Gonzalez

     2 hours ago

    This president is a joke 😂 call him Donwall Trump.

  • fpshooterful


     3 hours ago

    MY BRAIN hurts whenever Trump talks.

  • Kenneth MALONE

    Kenneth MALONE

     5 hours ago

    I’m so glad that there is video because you can’t make this up this is good entertainment

  • James Timlin

    James Timlin

     8 hours ago

    As the free world watches how Trump wants the USA to leave NATO and if Putin tells him to leave NORAD also (I am Canadian) for the Americans who do not know what NORAD is, there is something called GOOGLE and Wikipedia please try and use it. I tried to keep this simple as the USA is ranked 17th in the world in education and you can also use those tools to confirm that you are ranked 17th in the world in education. Trump each day proves this fact. An actual fact is the truth. I know a large percentage of Americans will not believe this. I would also bet that 90% of Americans do not know that Elon Musk the head of Space X is an immigrant who was born in South Africa and came to America with nothing. I wonder if he was not white especially in today's restrictions on immigrants to the USA, if he would have been let in.

  • Kah Gritty

    Kah Gritty

     10 hours ago

    But for two years the Republicans controlled Congress and didn't or couldn't pass a bill/law fully funding the wall.

  • lightheart53


     11 hours ago

    The wheel came about 6000 yrs after the wall.....just sayin'.



     11 hours ago

    fake trump is making usa dumber by the minute

  • 123xyzSam


     12 hours ago

    listening to trump it's hard to believe he is president of the united states, leader of the free world

  • Robert Walker

    Robert Walker

     12 hours ago

    Trump couldn't find El Salvador on a map--of EL SALVADOR!

  • A reality based on fantasy

    A reality based on fantasy

     13 hours ago

    idiot Jimmy Kosher talks about Mexicans like they are the one's coming in caravans, when it's central Americans that are trying to cross over.

  • JMUf1j1


     14 hours ago

    Seriously what an absolute embarrassment to the USA. And yet he was elected. Second term? I hope not.

  • K Family

    K Family

     15 hours ago

    Imagine your president can be turned into a joke everyday. What a shame

  • Doctor Wind

    Doctor Wind

     15 hours ago

    He does wet himself, so he has to wear adult size Depends.

  • Suleiman C.

    Suleiman C.

     15 hours ago


  • Cosimo Kramarawicz

    Cosimo Kramarawicz

     15 hours ago

    Almost and definitely
    in the same sentence?

  • Cosimo Kramarawicz

    Cosimo Kramarawicz

     15 hours ago

    Trump threw a sissy fit.