Dumbo - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 26, 2019
  • Tim Burton directs a live action adaptation of the Disney classic. Here's my review for DUMBO!

  • Source: https://youtu.be/jzYRn7T_YrY


  • emil engen

    emil engen

     4 days ago

    The CGI is awful in this movie. The CGI snake was painful to watch.

  • Alex The Fangirl

    Alex The Fangirl

     14 days ago

    Honestly, out of all the live action remakes that came out, this was probably my least favorite. It was good, but because I was never a big fan of Dumbo, I wasn't a huge fan of the remake. It was better than the original I thought, but the live action Aladdin, Beauty and The Beast, Lion King and Jungle Book was way way better. I give the live action Dumbo a C-

  • IC


     1 months ago

    Thankfully Pinnochio won't be another Tim Burton brain fart.

  • Dan Albanese

    Dan Albanese

     1 months ago

    Jeremy - I would have to agree!

  • David Hollyfield

    David Hollyfield

     1 months ago

    Just got done watching Dumbo I would have to say it was an excellent movie or it might have just been I enjoyed Dumbo himself I would have to say by far he is probably the cutest CGI animal I have seen yet he pulled on my heartstrings knowing that he was not real good job I enjoyed it

  • pineapple pizzafan the pinappling

    pineapple pizzafan the pinappling

     1 months ago

    The mouses name is Timothy.

  • microfg4


     1 months ago

    This was the most disappointing live action adaptation i have seen. The original had a lot of scenes i wanted to see made in a different yet worthy way... BUT THIS WAS JUST SO DISRESPECTFUL
    I disagree with you Jeremy... I had no fun watching how they destroyed any hope I had for Disney understanding how important their franchises really are.

  • soapie sins

    soapie sins

     2 months ago

    Il b honest with you, This guy enjoys everything

  • Camila Arce

    Camila Arce

     2 months ago

    The girl that plays Milly is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL, I saw her and was instantly drawn to her. Yet, as the movie progressed, didn't portray any emotion.

  • Stephen John Paul

    Stephen John Paul

     2 months ago

    FYI, Dreamland was real. And so was Colin Farrell’s character. Just pointing out that they weren’t made up. And Michael Keaton’s character was based on the real life park manager who was there the year it burned down. Yes, the fire also was real. So this movie basically blended the fictional story of Dumbo with the real life story of Dreamland which, interestingly enough, was one of the major inspirations for (you guessed it) Disneyland!

  • tom thorn

    tom thorn

     2 months ago

    They were sunk the moment they chose Tim Burton! How many of his films have to tank for people to figure it out?

  • Michael Fang

    Michael Fang

     2 months ago

    Dumbo is the most underrated live action Disney adaptation and I think it's the best live action than the other ones Disney has done.

  • Fahad Nazir

    Fahad Nazir

     2 months ago +1

    "Let's get ready for Dumbooooooo"

  • Pedro's Vlog

    Pedro's Vlog

     2 months ago

    The new Dumbo is a very underrated beautiful film.

  • Bryce Hubenthal

    Bryce Hubenthal

     2 months ago +1

    With Aladen you explained how the ending in the cartoon was different to help refresh my memory. You didn't do that here and was a little disappointed.

  • Nemesis 23

    Nemesis 23

     2 months ago

    I loved it. The damn movie actually had me in tears a couple times.

  • Samuel S. Fishman

    Samuel S. Fishman

     2 months ago

    I think tim burtons is great but you haven't seen anything until you've seen my review

  • IntRoVertsRus


     2 months ago

    Should've made it more base around Dumbo with him as lead. Keep the talking animals to support pushing the plot and comedic aspect. Have the humans only be the background.

  • Aaron Taylor

    Aaron Taylor

     3 months ago

    How about the point in the film where the daughter brings Colin Farrell to an exhibit that shows a woman in a suit and tie and a man in a Mrs. Doubtfire dress? WTF was that??

  • Hamit Campos

    Hamit Campos

     3 months ago

    No I haven't seen this new 1. I have seen or to be more correct because I'm blind have heard the 1942 version.