Nintendo's Greedy Decline with Microtransactions.

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 30, 2019
  • Nintendo recently released Mario Kart Tour for Mobile, and it is FILLED with Microtransactions and ways to spend money. Let's take a look at all of Nintendo's Mobile Games and how it got to this point // G-FUEL IT UP! Beatemups @ Checkout for 30% off!

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  • BeatEmUps


     1 months ago +606

    Other than the facts I attempted to present, everything in this video is just my opinion. Feel free to share yours below! (I STILL LOVE YOU NINTENDO!)

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  • Combat 627

    Combat 627

     3 hours ago

    The sound keeps randomly comes on. Me sleep deprived: Were you at spooky boi

  • Not so rare Limited run gamez

    Not so rare Limited run gamez

     2 days ago

    My daughter is excited you’ll be on YouTube kids soon

  • IfeIsAwesome


     3 days ago

    You’d have to buy a switch to get mario

  • Th3_H4mm3r


     3 days ago

    I followed you right until Pokemon GO. Nah. That's just bs. You get the eggs for free and can unlock them for free. Sure you have to put a bit of effort in but the point of Pokemon Go is to walk around outside and you'll naturally unlock eggs that way. There is also the fact that you sometimes get an incubator for free, and that certain events have lower hatching rates, like 1/4 or 1/2. This is 100% free, and you don't ever have to pay for an incubator. And that is ignoring the fact that having your pokemon defending a gym gives you the coins, so even if you wanted to buy an incubator, you wouldn't need to pay a single dime.

  • nazrat1414


     6 days ago

    A lot cheaper for a green screen than to actually collect all those games behind ya eh?

  • Jeokemon


     7 days ago

    EA 2.0

  • ratonlaveurdu92


     7 days ago

    i love the game, i just don't pay for it no need to be stupid

  • CrossPad Gaming

    CrossPad Gaming

     7 days ago

    Under Iwata, these kinds of decisions were held back a lot. Iwata started as a game-dev with a passion for games.

    Kimishima, on the other hand, is a businessman first and foremost who never really plays games. We've seen several compromises to quality for profit under his leadership. - \(o_0)/ -

    It's sad, but unsurprising.

  • SamLoser2


     7 days ago

    I hate microtransactions more than anything in games, because not only do they insidiously drain away at your money for a game you’d never pay that much for outright, but the pricing model and gatcha system results in absolutely horrid game design.

    But at the same time it feels like a bit of a hopeless situation. As laid out here, these pricing models are what people will pay on mobile. And as long as people willing exchange their money for a 1% chance at Mario I don’t know that they’ll ever have an incentive to stop.

  • Christian Mario

    Christian Mario

     7 days ago

    I'm probably biased because I'm a massive fire emblem fan but I dont think fire emblem heroes is that bad as you can very easily play and progress in the game without buying orbs the game even gives you two free 5 stars of your choice and you get around 200 free to play orbs per month and the appearance rates aren't that bad so I don't think it's that agregious however mario kart tour is just horrendous and anti consumer and I'm ashamed of nintendo and I'm also dissapointed

  • Maverick theSavage

    Maverick theSavage

     7 days ago

    Wait you didn't know you were playing with bots all along? Multiplayer isn't even out yet so why would you think you were playibg with real people?

  • Commander ZiN

    Commander ZiN

     7 days ago

    The only mobile game I play is minecraft because it's made like a normal game and not made like a mobile game.

  • Piotr Pietras

    Piotr Pietras

     7 days ago

    In Japan a lot of things have gambling mechanics. How many Eevee u bought to got Flareon in Japan? On every corner u can buy mysterious box like items in Japan.

  • That One Guy

    That One Guy

     7 days ago

    I love your channel and I agree with you, but ya gonna stop playing that dramatic ghost moan every minute.

  • FOXLOVER Collins

    FOXLOVER Collins

     7 days ago +1

    I like loot boxes and microtransactans

  • Jacob Xiao Long

    Jacob Xiao Long

     7 days ago

    Gacha Life is even worse.


  • da Joka

    da Joka

     7 days ago

    LOVE Mario Kart Tour play it EVERYDAY

  • Brandon Phan

    Brandon Phan

     7 days ago

    It does remind me of CPI. Starts off well but ended up terrible. #notmyMK

  • Ohm My Coils

    Ohm My Coils

     7 days ago

    Amazing video as always, Canada represent🇨🇦😁 and just a FYI you need to shake the Gfuel in the shaker for at least 2 minutes before drinking it, you can see a bunch of the powder at the bottom of your shaker lol